Combining The 5-500-5000 Formula With ‘AIDA’ Marketing…?

We’re about to go…Full marketing in this post 😉

My background in internet marketing can be a blessing and a curse..On one side of the coin, I see the potential of STEEM and how impactful this blockchain can be for so many people. But I also see the mistakes we seem to make as a community every day as well…

Let’s be honest, blockchains in general, aren’t that savvy when it comes to marketing. But that is changing. We are seeing HUGE initiatives and bold moves from movers and shakers, even right here in STEEM.

So what does ‘marketing’ have to do with this post?

We’re going to talk about AIDA….


That old famous marketing acronym which stands for Awareness (or attention), Interest, Desire, and finally Action.

It’s what marketing funnels are based around and as ancient a marketing strategy as there is…We can actually use this PERFECTLY for building up our blogs and reputation here on STEEM.

Sounds good…How do we do it?

We combine it with the 5-500-5000 Formula found in SteemSavvy!

Let’s break each part of the formula down and show how we can take each step along the way, combining with the ‘AIDA’ funnel to being some big changes to our personal brands on STEEM.

5 Engagements A Day – This falls in line perfectly with bringing attention or awareness to our own account. The more we get out and engage with fellow Steemians, the more ‘awareness’ comes our way. Think about it….If you remember the post I made from a few days ago, action attracts momentum and that’s our main goal in the first few months of our journey…Get more people to ‘know’ you and that can be done easily and effectively using 5 engagements a day!

The Goal Of 500 Followers – We kill two birds with one stone here! By continuing to engage 5 times a day, we are attracting the awareness we need to develop a following. The more followers we get and we add value to their journey, we create interest in our our journey and a desire to follow what we do. This does not work if we are not engaging with people every day. We must give value to them in the form of comments and RESPONDING to comments made on our blogs. I’ve seen so many ‘STEEM veterans’ fail miserably in this key strategy. You MUST respond to people and continue to engage with them! There is no excuse for ignoring quality comments on your blog or content!

Reaching 5000 Steem Power – Man oh man, this is a whole lot easier now with the price of STEEM than it was when I first got started…But it’s still a fantastic goal. It’s dolphin status and VERY achievable if you follow this formula and game plan. The final piece to the puzzle is…Action! And action (to me) comes in the form of not only creating amazing content that gives value to people..But also taking some bold steps to acquire more Steem Power every day. I choose to invest and spend my fiat on Steem Power, but what’s awesome about STEEM is…You can acquire Steem Power by taking action everyday. Using the dApps, responding to comments, curation, playing games like Steem Monsters and yup….Even through delegation!

The possibilities are endless….

But do you see how this all works together?

We build our own marketing machine that creates a value driven personal brand on the blockchain…


1. Awareness is achieved by taking action every day through 5 engagements!

2. Interest & Desire is created by reaching and delivering value to 500 followers!

3. Action is taken by acquiring 5000 Steem Power!

Silly marketing ideas that go through my mind 😉

But I do believe (because I’m living proof that this stuff actually works) if we focus on building ‘savvy’ Steemians…We become a blockchain of action takers focused on delivering value each and every day…We ‘funnel out‘ the dead weight that are here for the quick buck and find the Steemians that are thinking long term. They see the value of this blockchain and want to help it grow no matter what the price is at…

Hope you enjoyed the post 😉



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