Coming Up With Content…The Creators Dilemma

Content! As much as things are changing on the STEEM blockchain, it’s still a MASSIVE reason why so many of us are here…

I’m doing some reflection on my 365 days on STEEM…Because in a few days it’ll be a full year since I joined. And when I took the dive on December 7th 2017, I made a commitment to create daily! No matter what….


Not bad huh? In 363 days, I’ve created 342 pieces of content according to @steemitboard ….Well 343 if you count this post 😉

But the evidence is there…Creating daily (or as close to daily as you can) will have a huge impact on your influence and account value here on STEEM.

That however…Raises the issue facing almost every content creator on the planet…

“How do you come up with content…Everyday?

I’ll give you a few tips that have helped me over the years and I hope it adds value to your journey as well…

1. I am inspired by reading!


I love books, and I don’t think that’s any secret. But here’s why reading to me in critical to creating content daily….You fill your mind with EXPERT advice! For the cost of a pizza and a few drinks, I can sit down and learn from marketing masters like Seth Godin. I can be taught leadership lessons from John C. Maxwell. And even learn about personal development from Jim Rohn. The ‘teachers‘ are endless and their lessons are as well. Honestly, I don’t think there is a better investment you can make….Spend 20 bucks on a book and you’ll have content for weeks to write about 🙂

2. The places you go, events you attend…

I’m a huge believer in meeting people…Offline! As I just returned from Steemfest 3 it reminded me how inspiring events like that can be. I spent the better part of a decade ‘on the road’ attending offline events and I learned something new at every stop. This gave me tons of ideas for content, opportunities to interview industry leaders and so much more. Maybe attending an event isn’t in your cards now…There are PLENTY of online events you can tune into…

3. Memes, Infographics & More


Have you ever spent time on those ‘other social media sites’ and the MEMES start to appear…And they flood your news feed….And they don’t stop….I know, most of it is useless waste of space but when you find the gems, they can give you great ammunition for content creation. For example, I have found memes and infographics that have translated into dozens of pieces of content. Remember, content creation DOESN’T means making a blog post. It can come in the form of a video (talking about something you found online) or a snap shot above of the stuff I’ve found over the years and printed out…Don’t limit yourself by thinking you need to write a 500 word article everyday. Find the inspiration and content everywhere online!

4. Your Network, Friends & Followers

Guess how I came up with the content for today’s post? You guessed it, from the SteemSavvy Sunday Session we held earlier this week. I asked the people on camera what one thing would help you the most on your STEEM journey, and @lorreli answered…’Figuring out how to come up with more content!‘ Crazy huh? I asked a question from those around me, and got a great idea for some content! And that’s the huge nugget right there….ASK people close to you, what they would like to read or learn about…You get to add value to their journey PLUS get ideas for great content for your own as well. Win win in every sense of the word!

5. STEEM….Obviously 😉


And finally, this should come as no surprise…But I am massively inspired by watching, reading and engaging with STEEM and it’s amazing community. Just watching some of these amazing content creators will inspire you! The list of Steemians is endless but I would highly recommend following and engaging with creators like;

@captainbob @exyle @theycallmedan @nathanmars @meno @kevinli @modernpastor @flauwy @indigoocean @adetorrent @ericwilson @sergiomendes @kenmelendez @steemcafe @enjoyinglife @tanbay @stackin (and of course all the guys from @ddaily)

This is just a short list and I apologize if I didn’t mention ya… I recommend these people because they ENGAGE with you! They will respond, give you great advice and help you on your journey too. And nothing inspires me more than seeing Steemians helping each other. That fact alone is wroth about a week or two of content lol

These are just a few tips that I have found helpful to create content daily. Remember, we are blessed and so lucky to be here on STEEM. Because we can CREATE using so many amazing dApps…We aren’t limited to just blogging…You can build your following using ANY of the tools that are out there for us.

Need to get inspired? Just look around….You’ll find plenty to talk about and share 🙂



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