Community….It’s What Makes STEEM Great!

I joined STEEM in December 2017…Right at the all time highs for this blockchain. Excitement was off the charts, Dtube was just getting going and everything looked…Perfect!

Since then the price of STEEM (as well as the entire crypto market) has gone back to reality and the ‘Lambo dreams’ are a distant memory…

So what happened during these past 11 months?

We shook off the dead wood!

The people that were only here because of the hype, have since left for greener pastures…

We also saw entrepreneurs and developers continue to create amazing dApps on the blockchain…

But more importantly…

We built stronger communities!


When the STEEM community comes together and starts to support each other, we are unstoppable.

A few weeks ago, we saw what happened when the ‘D-Lino‘ people decided to leave the blockchain. STEEM stepped up, we voiced our opinions, and programs like @Vimm started to fill the void.

We protected our house and supported the content creators that felt lost and abandoned by D-Lino’s exit.

And this past week I witnessed and even better representation of how strong STEEM’s community can be….

Everywhere you turned this week, people were promoting the campaign to get STEEM listed on NetCoins via their free listing contest.

And yes, there was plenty of debate last night as we ended up second to something called Ins Coin???…But seeing STEEM literally lead the charge throughout the entire contest was remarkable.

We literally had a two horse race for the entire contest between ourselves and Verge. So this INS win at the last second seemed very suspect…But regardless, look at how STEEM came together!!

We had a common goal! A common target…And we stepped up!

Votes where being casted, Twitter was alive with Steemians reaching out to get as many votes as we could…Even Steemit Inc got involved as Ned showed his support for the campaign.

It was amazing to see!

And it’s what makes STEEM so great…Community!

Developing SteemSavvy has been my focus and passion for the past few months and it’s success will depend 100% on community! STEEM is at it’s best, when we come together and I’m going to work hard to capture that same energy for the Savvy project.

Is community easy to build?

Absolutely not! It’s taken STEEM over 2 years to reach this point and it’s something you have to work consistently on. That’s because community is filled with STEEM’s most valuable asset…

The people!

And people come in all shapes and sizes. Opinions and beliefs. Different levels of commitment and passion…But every single person here has SO much to add. Each Steemian’s unique contribution to the blockchain makes this such an adventure 🙂

We have the best dApps. We have the best communities. And in my opinion…The best people!

I guess this post is to say ‘Way to go!‘ to every single Steemian that took part in this NetCoins campaign. It made a very loud statement that STEEM is here and has one of the most supportive and active communities on any blockchain.



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