Community Matters!

To say that I love STEEM would be the understatement of the century…..

When I find something I have a passion for, I go all in on it. Entrepreneurs are weird like that…We don’t really have a plan B.

Our plan B goes something like this…

Oh well, that didn’t work. Let’s try something else…

So I’m not saying STEEM didn’t work…Far from it LOL I’m even more hooked to this blockchain than I was when I first joined. But my back up plans don’t really exist…So I’m all in on STEEM.

While I’ve been developing @SteemSavvy I wanted to bring my experience in community building and marketing to the blockchain and dedicate my attention to working with Steemians each and every day. And for that to happen, I needed to be a Guinea Pig myself, and practice what I preached. I needed to have a game plan in place that anyone could follow.

That game plan was the 5-500-5000 Plan.

I talk about it a lot and it’s a big part of the @SteemSavvy training. But it starts with a simple idea…

5 engagements a day! The idea behind this is that if you spend the time to build relationships with 5 Steemians a day, this will help snow ball the rest of your journey…

5 engagements -> 500 followers -> 5000 Steem Power

But how does 5 simple engagements help your journey? How does this help snowball your experience here on STEEM…? And better yet, how does it help the STEEM community? Let’s take a look.


You’ll notice a word I mentioned above…Community!

You see, this is what makes STEEM unique among the thousands of blockchain products out there. Sure there are some very powerful communities in other blockchains, but on STEEM…We are family. We’re the underdogs…The little engine that could!


You can see the projects being developed. We are witness to the massive support Steemians have for each other. Tribes are being developed and nurtured here. Yeah we have fights and even a new token called ‘Drama‘…But that’s what families do. They bring each other up and sometimes they bicker…However at the end of the day, this community wants to see Steem grow as a whole!

I believe in the STEEM community.

I believe in the power of people and when we have the same passions and align them, great things can happen.

And I believe communities should be rewarded. I try to do that with all the content I do here on STEEM…


I reward people who comment on my blogs, engage with me, share @SteemSavvy and work for our…Community.

Sometimes it’s in the form of @SteemBasicIncome units but it’s always int he form of an upvote and response.

That’s what communities do…They support each other.

And the answer to the question of why do we focus on 5 engagements a day early in Steem Savvy training is this…When people feel valued and rewarded, they will continue to be an integral part of the STEEM community.

And I saw that last night at our Sunday Session!

The community that we are building within our Discord server came out in full support, and we had a fantastic round table discussion. But what’s most important…We saw new Steemians jump up on camera and ask questions. The seed has been planted in these people’s minds and they SEE the potential of STEEM.

Folks…We’re just getting started. I stated this last night that in year 3 of Facebook’s existence….We could ‘poke’ each other!

Here we can…

Battle each other in the @SteemMonsters arena

Take Steem on the go and engage with each other with @Partiko

Blog our thoughts and passions to the world with @SteemPress

Showcase our vlogs and video content with @Dtube

Find amazing products to share with @SteemHunt

Take epic pics with @Appics

Lost weight and get fit with @ActiFit

Stream our gaming with @Vimm

Build virtual empires with @DrugWars

And so much more…..

We are STEEM!

A community of passionate individuals that are being products of our blockchain! Sharing our passions, rewarding our followers and growing one of the most epic communities online….

I can’t wait to see what the next 3 years will bring…

But make no mistake out it…It starts and ends with community!


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