We Conquer By Continuing [VIDEO]

I have a story to tell about how we conquer by continuing.

To show up, every day. To follow up. To be stubborn about success….

So about a month ago, I discovered this company that developed and manufactured journals. Nothing out of the ordinary there, plenty of companies are out there designing and developing productivity journals to help entrepreneurs make the most of their time…But this one, was different.

It really grabbed my attention, had some awesome free downloads, so I signed up to their mailing list and decided to follow their company.

Key point to remember…I haven’t bought a thing from them yet.

The month goes by, and as I’m receiving their emails (about 1 to 2 a week) I notice how much value there is on their communications. Loads of great content, fantastic articles and the emails just looked like a million bucks!

They were giving me value, each and every week…Without me spending a dime….YET 😉

A few days ago, I bit. After the oodles of value these people were giving me, I said to myself if they are giving this to me for free and being consistent with it…Their ‘paid’ products must be even better.

So let’s do the math….

– Value was given FIRST! No matter what, it starts and ends with value given.

– And they contacted me, around 8-10 times within that month. They did not make a sale on their first communication, or their 5th.

It took them around 8 emails to make the sale.

I have this little print out taped to the front of my computer screen, where I read it every day….I think it sums it up perfectly:

conquer by continuing

We truly do…ConquerBy continuing. Grant Cardone calls the follow up ‘The greatest sales secret of all time‘ and for good reason. This is why I’m such a massive fan of not only email marketing, but also the power of ‘sticking to it’.

There is great wealth in following up, staying the course and being someone who is consistent in all aspects of life and business.

Oh btw – the journal I just purchased was from Best Self 😉

6 thoughts to “We Conquer By Continuing [VIDEO]”

  1. A great lesson here Jon, as we know how many emails people get these days and how hard it is to get them opened, never mind any other actions on them. I enjoyed your show today as I’d had a similar experience with somebody I have been following for a long time. The message here is to continue sending great value to your email list as you don’t know when that person is going to turn from a lurker into a buyer.

    1. Absolutely. You never know who is watching and who will be your next best customer. All you can control, is putting great stuff out there and let your consistency do it’s thing 🙂

  2. There is a valuable lesson here.
    Think about traffic exchanges. So you send 1000 hits per day to your affiliate link and you get 0 sign ups. Do you throw in the towel? Or, do you expand your efforts and send 10,000 hits per day? In today’s marketplace, it takes a ton of exposure to get folks to bite. Those who are persistent will succeed. They know no other way.

    1. Yup, that’s bang on. Sadly though, most do throw in the towel after 1000.

      And that’s a problem for all of us, if more folks would stay the course, we’d be laughing 🙂

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