Consistency! That’s A Good Game Plan For 2018

I read a book a few years ago from one of my favorite authors Jon Gordon. It was called One Word. In it, Jon and his co-authors stated that we try too hard to be a jack of all trades and when we simplify our lives down to one word and make that the focus of everything we do in business and life, things seem to work out for the best 🙂

When I read the book, my word for that year was ‘Better’. Because of that word, Plus 1 Daily was born and I spent a good chunk of my time each and every day becoming a better version of myself. Be better at sunset than I was at sunrise…Sounds familiar right?

So I believe in ‘One Word’ and as the new year approaches I challenge each of you to find your one word and make it the focus of your entire game plan in 2018. Forget the new years resolutions….This is a one word revolution!

So my ‘one word’ for 2018 will be…


I lost my way over the past few months, and while I could use the excuse that I was experiencing fatherhood again at age 40 LOL There is no excuse for being lazy. Part of the DNA of this blog has always been…Staying the course! And in 2018, as fired up as I am for my future projects (and trust me 2018 is going to be HUGE!) I need to remember things like this blog and stay the course…Create the content consistently.

And I love it!

I mean this is just so much fun for me to share my thoughts with you every day, so I’m in a really good place with my ‘one word’.

That’s what we need to find for you going into the new year…Discover your ONE WORD!

Really do some soul searching and then print that one word out and paste it everywhere in your home. You will start seeing your ‘one word’ everywhere and start living it. I knwo this works, as my one word in 2015 was ‘better’ and because of that, Plus 1 Daily was born….So let’s roll up our sleeves and have the best new year we possibly can!

My one word is consistency! What’s yours?

6 thoughts to “Consistency! That’s A Good Game Plan For 2018”

  1. Consistency!

    Consistency requires a smart business plan that is win win for both parties,

    One could be Consistent doing the dumbest thing on the internet while
    the rest of the crowd making the big bucks.

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