Content Is Great….But Is It The Only Thing We Need?

Everyone is in love with content marketing, and rightfully so…The more good stuff you put out in the market, whether it’s videos, live streams, blog posts or creating a powerful email series, we will see great results over time.

Something I read while diving into Donald Miller’s new book ‘Building A Story Brand‘ really hammered home a point to me…


This is a bit of a plague in our industry. Some of the marketers that come online are fired up and ready to tackle the world. They say all the right things, invest in the right programs and build some great relationships with their peers. After about a month or so, they disappear….

They didn’t make a million dollars, didn’t build a list of 10,000 people, didn’t become the guru they expected to be…Not sure what they didn’t achieve but they are gone…

But they don’t give up completely, show up again in a few months…. Ready to take on the world again! And the cycle repeats….

Stop it!

This doesn’t do anything for your business because if you think about how many times people are ‘advertised’ to in a day, you can see how you can easily be forgotten. Out of sight…Completely out of mind!

Fun story but that’s why this blog is called Plus 1…DAILY! Not Plus 1 Monthly or Plus 1 Yearly….

We need to stay in front of our customers each and every day to stay and remain top of mind. Nothing will hurt your business more than showing up once a month or a few times a year only to give up because you didn’t strike it rich.

Remember, people are bombarded with marketing messages every single day of their lives…

How will YOU stick out and become top of mind to these people?

It happens by staying in front of them. Providing value every single day.

You may not sell a single thing today but as long as you are in front of them, the pay offs will be there. This is a huge tip for anyone looking to build a solid business online, you must stay the course!

Stay in front of your customers each and every day. Provide value and you WILL see success!

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