Crafting Better Emails And Other Things… [VIDEO]

I started today with the hope to show viewers the methods I adopted to craft better emails but we had a surprise appearance from Justin and let’s just say…We had some fun! We talked about email marketing but also a lot about giving value to your subscribers and staying the course in online business. Click ‘Read More’ to check it out…

One thought to “Crafting Better Emails And Other Things… [VIDEO]”

  1. First time hearing you in months (both of you) and as you were talking on this topic I had my emails opened and followed you as you were speaking about it. I like your pointers about the header and grabbing the attention to someone that may or may not open that email. Good points made. Now I would love to see one banner if you can direct me to one example from this Pixal site.

    This program is just for banners right? I have not read all the info on it yet. I did read your email however and wondered how a video could fit in a banner (unless it is a teeny weeny square banner) so that caught my curiosity now on this new program. Nice seeing and listening to both of you. I have not gone away just been out in the woods for a bit lol

    Ciao for now

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