Creating Stock & Flow Content…Using Only The Dapps On Steem!

I’ve spoken a few times about stock content and flow content…As a content marketer, this concept of how I ‘create’ everyday has been vital to my growth in business.

For those that aren’t aware of the terms, basically this is how it can be viewed:

Stock Content – Is the stuff that has staying power! Your pillar content and is just as relevant in a year from now as it is today. This is your cream of the crop content! What people remember you for…

Flow Content – This is the stuff that you do every day. To remind people you exist and keep you top of mind. This content is so important because the average human is bombarded with tens of thousands of marketing messages everyday. Without flow content, you would be lost in the noise.

Both of these forms of content creation are vital to any successful content marketing strategy, and traditionally we’ve used the centralized platforms to do this. We would create the stock content on YouTube, or our blogs…Meanwhile staying top of mind with Twitter updates, Instagram posts and the odd political debate on Facebook 😉

I am throwing something out there for our blockchain to digest…

Can we now create and maintain successful stock and flow content…Using only STEEM based Dapps?

I spoke about this last night in our @SteemSavvy Sunday session and the answer we all came up with was….


Here’s a quick brainstorm of what we came up with…Using only Steem applications to build our stock and flow content….

steem dapps

Now sure, some dApps can be used for both…But I think you can see…We’ve got quite the healthy mix of applications here. Heck I even left out a bunch of projects that we could add to that list…

To me…This signals so much for content marketers around the world. We CAN build the content we need and distribute it using…Only the Dapps on STEEM!

How powerful is that?

The issue is…And it was mentioned by @paulag months ago in a State of Steem event…

“We have plenty of content creators, we need more content consumers.”

And there is lies a problem…We’re golden when it comes to the ability to create on amazing applications. Now we just need the people to start consuming it and engaging with each other more.

I believe that has just as much to do with the price of Steem as it does with onboarding new users. When Steem goes to a dollar or higher, it’ll get more attention….And with the changes since Hardfork 20, it’s a lot easier to help get new Steemians on the blockchain. Heck @Steem.Ninja lets us onboard people in 4 seconds flat LOL

So I believe the consumers are coming…And when they do…Watch out!

But getting back to the point of this article…It shows me that we can create all the content we need to build healthy personal brands and businesses…And it’s only going to get better.

Do we still need Twitter, Facebook and Instagram?

I haven’t stopped using them because they are great tools to spread the word about Steem. That’s where the majority of future Steemians reside, so I’ll be knocking on doors for the foreseeable future 😉

The more people that become aware of the potential, the communities and the applications native to this blockchain, they will be fascinated with what we already know…

There is no better blockchain to build upon!

Whether that be a business or your personal content marketing strategy 🙂


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