Desire. Heart. Action!

Get ready! Here comes Captain Obvious….To achieve anything in life, you must take action!

Newsflash right?

I mean how many times have you read that on this blog alone, but how I’m going to frame this hopefully gives you another way to look at the importance of action taking in our daily business and lives.

In ‘The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need‘ I came across a chapter that discussed the topic of competing effectively. As this is a sales book, you can understand the importance of being able to compete in your chosen field or niche.

Someone ‘wins’ a sale, someone might lose….

So how can you become the go to choice for your customers?

The author stated that this has to do with competing effectively. Being the best you can be and having a formula to do so…


Desire – You can’t be taught this. It has to come from within. And this can be looked at as yoru reason why. For me it was simple, I was the world’s worst employee and wanted to be around my newborn son. It was an easy solution…I had the massive desire to be my own boss and work from home. What’s your desire? Your reason why? What gets you fired up each and every day?

Heart – I called this my ‘Stay The Course-ness‘! Look, as an entrepreneur you are going to have great days and horrible ones. You’ll have stellar months and then some months where you can barely pay your bills. We are a weird type of human being…We work 60-80-100 hours a week for the POTENTIAL to make money for ourselves. Without heart, determination and a dose of ‘stay-the-course-ness‘ you will find lots give up before they even get going.

Action – Here’s Captain Obvious again signing in but in all seriousness, without ACTION everything else is for not. Sadly, most reading this blog post will not even ATTEMPT to put their plans into action. It’s a scary reality, so how do you make sure you aren’t a statistic and you keep taking action daily?

Fancy that….

That’s what the ENTIRE DNA of Plus 1 Daily and Plus 1 Success are about. Taking small steps forward, every day. Daily habits that become a snow ball of action when you show up and become better at sunset than you were at sunrise!

Need a quick boost?

Download the free 30 day game plan for internet and affiliate marketing success found at This a month long plan that helps you take action daily. Forming habits that will last a lifetime…

However, without some action on your part…Well, you know the story!

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