Different Strokes For Different Folks [VIDEO]

I was really fired up today! I love Mondays. When you are in business for yourself, all days of the week are great but there is something about Mondays….While the rest of the working world dreads them, you look forward to them.

It’s another full week for you to improve on your business, create some awesome content and provide value for your customers and clients. But getting back to the topic….Today’s show was all about people!

People are the life blood of any online business. Before a sale is made, an email is sent, a campaign is started…A relationship is formed.

The problem with online business in the past is that it had this ‘holier than thou’ approach to it…I’m the provider of a service, you are the customer! I say, you do!

Thankfully, in 2016…The playing fields are now level thanks to social media and when you start to treat customers as a commodity, your time in business will be short. It comes down to this simple fact…You must put PEOPLE before profits!

People…Human beings…Flesh and blood! We are a unique species…There is no one else like you on the planet! You are one of a kind and with that, comes different dreams, aspirations, and goals….

Knowing how to cater to individuals is a trait that marketers today should concentrate on more. In my opinion, the more PERSONAL you get with your customers and the more of a relationship you both have, the better.

I know that scares a lot of ‘experts’ and people that have been doing things a certain way for years. Hands off right? Let your customer service staff handle these people, you want nothing to do with them…Well you are missing out on a huge opportunity to grow yourself and your business.

Learn what fires your customers up! Ask them questions about what drives them? Find out about their failures, their successes and their fears. The more you learn about the PEOPLE in your business, the better.

It’s not easy…We are after all, human. And with that comes ego, pride, know it alls, Negative Nancies and Passionate Paul’s…But it’s worth it. The relationships you build with your customers today, can potentially last a lifetime!

4 thoughts to “Different Strokes For Different Folks [VIDEO]”

  1. I have a question on this subject Jon, might be worth a wider discussion on one of your shows.

    As you said in this Plus1Daily, we need to ask people more about their opinions, their interests and so on. And I try to do that with members of my site.

    Where I face a roadblock is this: many people don’t want to share their thoughts, and when they do, they rarely do it in public. As I see it, we are all marketers in this industry, or even in the wider setup of our day-to-day life. We need to be able to make our point publicly (or at least privately). Then why do we find reasons not to share our thoughts?

    Any advice on how to improve feedback?

    1. I think there is this feeling of embarrassment when people ask questions that they feel everyone should know.

      Yet they don’t so they remain quiet not too ‘stick out’ too much.

      We should reward questions. Reward people taking action and let people know it’s a good thing to ask them.

      The culture needs to change because there is this attitude where ‘I know it all’ in this industry and the more we can embrace questions and curiosity, the better.

  2. Hi Jon this is so important to get to know your customers and help them. I think it’s fun and I enjoy helping them. Anybody that doesn’t is missing out. I offer to help them on a Skype call and screen share if they get really stuck. There are real people behind the tickets and chatting. They need to be respected and dealt with as if you are there in person with them. There is the occasional mean person which I will even try to help with respect. But then I will get after those sometimes, but offer to help them as well even though I may be scolding them. Sometimes you need to be tough yet helpful.

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