The Disease of Internet Marketing [VIDEO]

Oh internet marketing, how I love you so!

You have been in my life for almost 20 years. You have made laugh, and made me cry. You have allowed me the freedom of working from home, yet still seem to take up most of my day. You are my best friend, and my worst enemy.

And I know you carry a nasty disease. It has hurt the majority of the people that try to use you to better their lives. It stops them before they even start going. And the worst part is, it’s mostly self inflicted….

The lack of persistence KILLS our dreams and our businesses!

Think about it…How excited were you when you first got started online?

The thrill of the potential! The stories of success. It’s all very attractive, but the dirty side of the truth is this….

It takes time, energy, a small fortune and a whole lot of persistence to make a living from your internet marketing business. They don’t tell you that on the ad copy for the latest and greatest ‘opportunity’ do they? It’s all the sizzle of the steak.

Well truth be told, there is a lot of grit and grinding that goes on and this is why most people give up. They don’t see it through and it usually starts on the path to the ‘internet marketing vortex of doom‘ shortly after their ‘attempt‘.

Don’t do it!

Don’t fall for it….

If you are involved in ANY online business, be as invested in it 365 days from now, as you are today. This is critical and a huge reason so many people fail online…They lack persistence.

We talk about this a lot on this blog and on the live seminars for good reason…It’s important to be stubborn about success and show up each and every day with the passion and drive to see it through!

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