DLive Leaving STEEM…I’m Not Sure What To Think…

I joined the STEEM blockchain in December 2017…Around that time one of it’s most successful applications was just getting it’s wings…

That app was Dlive.

It fit me like a hand in glove. I have been live streaming for years and as soon as I learned about it, I jumped on board. I’ll admit, their focus on gaming kinda took some adjusting to on my part because I had always used live streaming for talk show based shows, but regardless I dove in and embraced their platform with everything I had.

And the support was returned!

The team at Dlive started to build real relationships with their community and saw the passion Steemians had for this exciting new application. It seemed like a match made in heaven and I have flown the Dlive flag everywhere I am online!

And then…Today happened….

About an hour ago, Charles Wayn the CEO of Dlive announced that Dlive would be leaving the STEEM blockchain for a new chain called LINO….

I’m going to go over my thoughts on this now and while it’s still fresh in my mind…Down the road I may feel differently.

First up, I’m a business man.

And I understand business decisions. If the team at Dlive feels they can do better on a different blockchain, by all means…It’s the beauty of a free market and while their decision hurts me in more ways than one, it’s not up to me at all…

But the Steemian in me is left scratching my head…

Dlive got a pretty hefty delegation from Steemit Inc (or the powers that be) to basically fund their business. They had the right team in place and a fantastic approach to working with their community. Out of all the major delegated apps, Dlive has always shown massive support in the form of upvotes for their content creators and engagement. I know I appreciated it and I felt like I could ‘get better‘ with every stream I did because they supported me. Also I felt no pressure to be ‘perfect‘ when on stream…I could be me with their support.

They used this delegation to upvote their creators but also to generate quite a bit of Steem and Steem Power for themselves. Which as of about 45 minutes ago…Is being powered down. Hey it’s their STEEM and they can do with it as they please…But it just sucks to see this amazing platform abandon the same community that helped build them. It was a really good gig in my opinion…People supported them, they supported the people…Not sure where it went south.

But it’s business right? We should just accept it I guess…

I’m upset. And I’m not going to try to hide that. I feel like a lot of my plans (and hard earned money that I invested in STEEM) have hit a major roadblock. Dlive was a big part of my business plans for using STEEM but at the end of the day I will adjust and move forward.

I’m just so sad to think a platform that built it’s reputation of being for the community ended up going this route…

Time will tell if they made the right decision and I truly wish nothing but success for all of them…Just wish they woulda stuck with STEEM.

Me myself? I’m not going ANYWHERE 🙂

STEEM is much bigger than one app, as much as I loved it…



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