The DNA of Plus 1 Daily [VIDEO]

I’ve always wanted to talk about the nuts and bolts of this blog and YouTube Channel. The real DNA of what makes this one of the most effective forms of personal development and internet entrepreneurship.

Just what is Plus 1 Daily?

How can we take the simple act of doing more in 24 hours than we did in the previous day to get better results, bigger mailing lists and massive success?

Well it all starts with….One!

The concept of Plus 1 is to be better than you were the day before. Instead of trying to make a million bucks in a week or less, let’s break it down into manageable and achievable goals, that we can accomplish daily.

It can be as simple as reading one chapter in a book today. And at the end of the year, you have read 365 chapters….That’s impressive.

Or something as easy as connecting with someone new on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook or a blog…And at the end of the year your network has grown to 365 people.

Simple. Easy. Achievable.

Far too many times people give up on the dreams and business plans because they expect instant success and instant results, however the people that really seem to win at this gam of life and business…Take their time!

Plus 1 allows you to enjoy the journey and be grateful for each step of the process. It’s not an end goal. It’s continuous improvement every day for life.

Want to be better than you were at sunrise? Than before sunset you need to push yourself. Do one extra task. Meet one new person. Read one new chapter in a book. Watch one more personal development seminar.

In my almost 20 years of being in business online, nothing has helped me more. That’s why I want to share the Plus 1 model and concept to the world because IK NOW how much it’s helped me.

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