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“Work is more often a source of frustration than one of fulfillment for nearly 90 percent of the world’s workers. Think of the social, emotional, and perhaps even economic waste that this statistic represents. Ninety percent of adults spend half their waking lives doing things they would rather not be doing at places they would rather not be.” Barry Schwartz

From the book “Why We Work” by Barry Schwartz as published in Brain Pickings Weekly by Maria Popov.

It’s a pretty obvious plus 1, doing what makes you happy. I know from personal experience that isn’t always possible, but what is possible is being able to maintain a positive attitude as you work towards changes in your life and lifestyle.

You can, and should do little things each and every day to carry you closer to your goal. It’s much easier to maintain a positive attitude IF you do positive things every day.

If you concentrate on the negative you will be more susceptible to being negative, and the Plus 1 effect goes out the window.

You are what you think. Plus 1 leads you to think well of yourself.

3 thoughts to “Do What You Like”

  1. Right on Tom. Do what you love underpins, or should underpin, purpose from which come your dream, your goals, and your daily Plus One that drive upward to your goals your dream and your purpose. So figuring out what you love is the first step.

    When you look at that statistic the whole picture isn’t clear. Of those 90% how many actually don’t know what they love? In John Maxwell’s book “The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, he suggest that the largest majority of people fit in the “don’t know ” category. And just a step up from that are people who know what they love but don’t do it (for what ever reason), which probably leaves you that 10% who do know and do do what they love.

    Getting from the first two categories to the third means a bit of slogging, a bit of inward looking. But even if you can’t yet join the 10%, it’s important to start really looking at where your true passions lie. Without that the whole structure of building a dream and goals and one plus, are seriously handicapped.

    Good stuff to think about and act on.


  2. Hi Tom great post and thank you so much for the reminder to be positive. We can always use this reminder because there is allot of negative atmosphere out there that we can easily be drawn into. It is just a fact. It is out there. And it takes allot of work to remain positive even through hard, tough times. It is something I work on a daily basis. At one point in my life I decided that being positive is the only way to be, because I can’t afford any negativeness in my life. Life is just, too short and I want to make the best of it. 🙂

  3. You hit the nail on the head Tom. Great thoughts that highlights the basic need that every one of us strives to gain in business, at home and life in general. If you harness a plus1 philosophy it translates to all corners.

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