Do You Know What Makes STEEM So Great?

I’ve been working into the wee hours of the morning lately, preparing for SteemSavvy’s launch. And when I stay up extra late, I always get early access to content by one of my favorite creators on STEEM. If you are not following @exyle by the way, you really should lol And because he is based out of the Netherlands, his morning vlog comes across my desk around 2am or so my time…

This morning’s post talked about the hope that one day STEEM will not be so tied to the price action of BTC. Like most crypto currency, STEEM seems to follow whatever bitcoin does. It goes up, STEEM pumps. It goes down, STEEM falls…And this is the standard across most if not all cryptos.

Things will change and I agree with Exyle that STEEM might be one of the first to break the chains per se…But maybe not for the reasons you think.

Sure, SMT’s are coming. Yes, hardfork 20 is now a success. 3 second transactions? Yes please!

All these are great and wonderful things about STEEM but what exyle said near the end of his video inspired me to write this post…

We can have FUN with our STEEM!

Right here. Right now!

Here’s his point…

When you buy bitcoin, it goes up and goes down but other than spending it…That’s about all you can do with it. The development on bitcoin is very quiet and not much goes on unless it’s a debate between Charlie Lee and Roger Ver.

You can sit on your bitcoin, hodl and look it at….Sounds exciting right?

Now along comes STEEM…

We have more development going on here than I could ever list in one blog post. More projects and dApps being created every day…And we’ve still got SMT’s to show up and add massive value to STEEM.

So development is a live and well!

But this weekend for example… @SteemMonsters is opening up for live battles! Yup, we get to PLAY with our STEEM!!! And it’s a real testament to how vibrant and alive this community is.

While all this development is going on, and the promises for a bright future ahead…We can actually USE this stuff, have fun with it and incorporate it into our lives…Right now!

Earlier in the year I was addicted to buying different crypto projects because of their hype. I was memorized by the promises of these coins that will not only change the world but do your dishes and walk your dog for you as well in the future. The promises were endless…

But where was the utility?

Could I actually USE the coins and tokens now?

This question changed how I looked at crypto forever….

So I literally sold everything I had in crypto and started buying STEEM.

It made sense. I believed and still believe in this project but more importantly…I could use the stuff!

Thats what makes this place to great!

We can HAVE FUN while still anticipating the huge potential it will have in the future.

Sounds like a great place to be and project to be invested in 🙂


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