Does Helping Others Count As A Plus 1?

being helpful

Helping others can form a really big part of your Plus 1 activities and is something to be encouraged.

There is something really rewarding in helping others.

Not only that but in business it can pay dividends.

If you are helpful to your subscribers and customers then you will build deeper relationships with them and, ultimately, you will do more business with those people.

I was reminded of the Plus 1 aspect out of being helpful to others when I saw a comment that Mona LaSala, a member of the WealthBuilders team on CTP, left the other day.

WealthBuilders made it to the quarter finals of the current play offs but were knocked out by SurfAholics Alpha.

Mona then posted this message in the Plus 1 Daily Skype room:

“Good Luck to everyone in Round 3. For the teams that are competing to the finals I think it a nice gesture to adopt-a-friend, and gift them some things like batteries, wands, whatever you are able to help them out with.

“After all this is Community and Team Work at its best – helping one another out. I have already adopted my first person. Will you cross the aisle and lend someone a hand too?”

That is Plus1 right there.

3 thoughts to “Does Helping Others Count As A Plus 1?”

  1. Great post Patrick and good for Mona! Helping others is rewarding indeed. I enjoy helping other people when I am able to. Mona that was a wonderful jester on your part. Good for you. Others need to follow in your footsteps. 🙂

  2. Well thank you for this. I did not know until Barbra told me and I think many have adopted this – at least I hope so. I know if our team was on the receiving end of a goodwill gesture we would be delighted. I believe in paying it forward like this in any aspect of our lives. And you are right Patrick it creates lasting friendships as well. Thank you for the accolades. Peace to all.

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