Don’t Be A Slave To Your To Do Lists


Without a doubt I find that I get more done when I set myself a list of tasks that I need to accomplish in a given time.

A list of daily tasks helps you keep y0ur day on track and ensures that you can pace yourself so that important deadlines are not missed.

The chances are if you make daily lists for yourself then you may have weekly and monthly lists too.

You might even have one really long master list of all sorts of tasks that you want to get done but don’t have a specific time frame to get them done by.

Lists are good but don’t overdo it with list upon list upon list.

The danger with too many things on your various to do lists is that there will invariably come a time when you notice that a lot of tasks keep getting listed…put off…listed again and put off again.

After a while this can become demoralizing and make you feel like you are not making as much progress as you should be.

So here is a quick tip. If you have had items on your to do list for months and there is still no sign of you getting them done then ask yourself why?

It may very well be that you don’t need to do these things at all…in that case then cross them off the list and be done with it.

If there are items that do need to be done then either bite the bullet and get cracking on them or outsource the tasks to someone who will actually get them done for you.

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