Don’t Be The Expert You Are Not

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It is a real Plus 1 to take something you are interested in and build up your knowledge over time so that you are regarded of an expert in your field.

If you are online then then one thing you will find is that there are no shortage of ‘experts’ around to help and guide you to where you want to be.

The only problem with this is that many of the people who set themselves up as experts at this or that are really not experts at all…they are more like knowledgeable amateurs.

It is a real source of annoyance when you take advice from someone who says they know what they are doing when, in fact, theie knowledge is sadly lacking.

So if you want to call yourself an expert, life coach, marketing guru or any other fancy title then as Jon Olson says, make sure you are the deal deal and have got your hands dirty actually doing the work involved and putting the times in to learn your craft.

The getting your hands dirty and putting in the hours is the Plus 1 element of becoming a real expert in anything. Clearly it does not happen overnight or even over a few weeks.

Months and even years of hard work, gaining knowledge and time will be needed to add this Plus 1 to your list of achievements.

One thought to “Don’t Be The Expert You Are Not”

  1. This is so true Patrick. It is very irritating to have these so called experts telling others what to do only to lead them into the wrong direction. That isn’t right either or maybe ethical is a better word.

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