Don’t Let The Negative Nancy’s Fool You…We’re Building On STEEM

Let me share with you a little story…

About a decade ago, some business partners and I launched this website called ClickTrackProfit. The mission was pretty simple, help educate and training new affiliate marketers on how to build a business online. It was a huge success and spawned some innovative and game changing features that have helped over 200,000 affiliates….Learn the business!

As the years rolled on, the site was in need of a major overhaul. Especially after PayPal decided to slap the entire affiliate marketing industry…Not only were we in need of a facelift for the site, we were left scrambling on how to actually pay and get paid for our services…

I then discovered Steem.

I learned about SMT’s and all the big potential they had.

My vision was pretty clear…I would spend as much time as I needed to learn about Steem and then bring my website over to the blockchain and introduce my awesome members to it’s potential!

ClickTrackProfit relaunches in about…6 days from now!

No, this isn’t a pitch post to raise awareness of it…It’s actually a post designed to let you Steem die-hards know…Online businesses want to build here!

So tonight I read this Tweet by @theycallmedan

Do you see that….

Just let that sink in every time people say this blockchain is dead….

In fact, I’ll take it a step further now!

Here’s our ‘game plan’ for Steem integration for our website when it launches next week;

1. We’re already set up to accept Steem and SBD….Right now! We are accepting Bitcoin, Litecoin and a few others…But Steem and SBD are front and center!


2. You start your ‘training’ and at Lesson # 5….There is an entire feature on Steem and how to get your account set up! Further in our training we do an entire module on Steem and get ready for the best part….


3. SCOT is making a trip to ClickTrackProfit! We will be setting up a front end condenser and get a fully functioning ‘SCOTbot’ integrated into CTP. We have a huge game plan to not only introducing our members to the potential and power of STEEM….But also using the amazing opportunities that are being presented by Steem-Engine right now!


So let’s make this clear lol


And as a business owner, I’m betting on Steem’s most valuable asset. It’s people. The communities that are being developed and are starting to really get their legs….

We’re all in on this place and maybe it’s blind loyalty. However I don’t believe that’s the case…I think it’s people driving communities and that’s a bet I’ll make 10 times out of 10.

STEEM is perfect for ClickTrackProfit and I can’t wait for the relaunch and seeing my members fall in love with Steem just like I have over the past 21 months…

Don’t listen to the Negative Nancy’s!

Because Steem is BUILT for business and built for people!


New to STEEM? We want to help you @SteemSavvy

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