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Don’t Listen To The English Teachers…Write Like You Talk!

A BIG disclaimer before we dive into this piece of content…

NOTE: I’m not saying spell check and going over your grammar isn’t important…Rest assured English teachers…I’m not trying to steal your thunder!

So here we are…

Beginning your journey as a content creator! You will hear how important it is to be consistent. And how vital it is to engage with your readers….Yes and yes, all of it is important!

However we’re going in a different direction for this post and talk about…

How you write!

Since the beginning of the blogging revolution, experts have pounded it into our heads that we need to document our journeys on a blog! How it’s important to stay in front of people if we wish to develop relationships with our readers over time. That scares a lot of us because….Wait for it…Most of us, are not ‘published‘ authors. We don’t have a book deal with Wiley (book worms know that publisher!) And our blogs aren’t bookmarked by the elite around the web…

So we end up doing nothing…We never put our thoughts out there!

No writing, no blogging and absolutely no engagement with our potential readers.

I believe it’s because we think writing is something reserved for the ‘experts‘ or the highly educated. We fear putting our thoughts and opinions out there because the grammar police are lurking and of course…The ‘english teachers’ are critiquing our work.

Here’s something I learned years ago when I first started blogging….

Write like you talk!

Stop trying to cater to the english teachers, the corporate ‘professionala’ or even the grammar police.

Write like…Your reader is sitting in front of you and you guys are sharing a coffee while shooting the poop!


I know, I know…My ‘structure‘ for articles rarely follows what would be described as proper writing techniques.

I use a whole lot of…

Well these -> ….

But I literally ‘write’ like I talk…Nothing too corporate. Nothing too professional…I want my readers to feel connected to me, and when you get too fancy I believe you scare away a big chunk of the people you want to attract!

Oh and by the way oh great and glorious ‘english teachers’….Here’s my published book! Massive shout out to all of you that gave me a C grade in high school….

Again, per my disclaimer above..I’m not saying you shouldn’t do grammar corrections or ignore the spelling mistakes. But when you get too ‘professional‘ it really does feel…I dunno. Fake and forced…

So my advice to anyone starting their content creation journey and have been told…’You need to write a blog!’

Start writing!

Don’t worry about impressing the elite…Write like your audience in right there with you while you type. And when you do that, you worry less about impressing the masses and more about getting that connection between your readers and you!


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