Don’t Sabotage Your Own Success

sabotage success

Nobody but you is responsible for your own success.

Ultimately your own actions will determine how successful you are at what you set out to do.

It very may be that others around you who are more successful than you had a better start in life.

It may be that you can point to others who have more money than you, or more support from their families or better resources or any number of things that you don’t have.

You might even look at these people and say that ‘it’s not fair,” that you don’t have what they have.

If you think that, then you very well may be right…it probably isn’t fair.

If only you had the same resources as the more successful person you are comparing yourself with then you could achieve so much more.

In fact you might tell yourself that you could do so much more if only you had a small fraction of the things this other person has got.

If you think that, then you very well may be right…you probably could do more with more resources than you have now.

The problem is that comparing yourself with others with more advantages in life will ultimately get you nowhere.

All you will do is sabotage your chances of success while others, including people with even fewer advantages than you have, work hard to get ahead.

You must plan for your future success from the position you find yourself in today and not the position you would much prefer to find yourself in.

Start where you are and use the Plus 1 Daily mindset to get to where you want to be.

Maybe you have to work harder than others to get there. But what does that matter? It is your journey so just knuckle down and start moving forwards.


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