Don’t Set Out To Sell

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I saw an article the other day which was headed: “Successful Websites Don’t Set Out To Sell.”

It is a controversial statement because it was aimed at internet marketers and surely this is the opposite to the truth.

If you are a marketer and you have a website then the whole purpose of that is to sell.

And, in any event, what does this have to do with the the Plus 1?

Actually it has everything to do with Plus 1 as I am about to explain.

The main thrust of the article was that buyers are also information seekers and that when they land on a website they are generally looking for information.

Even if they really want to buy something from you, they want information first.

Fail to provide that information and they will be very tempted to leave and find it somewhere else.

Then who do you think will get the eventual sale. You or the person who gave them the information that they needed to help them make the buying decision?

Plus 1 Success is about doing things in stages and in understanding that in order to get from A to B there is often many tiny steps which need to be completed.

This is why we don’t go and try to force the sale too early…people will buy when they are ready to buy and we have to complete all the necessary stages which makes it more likely that, when they are ready, they will buy from us.

That is why those who set out to be helpful and informative up front tend to make more sales than those who adopt the rather blunt approach of “Buy my stuff.”

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