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Draw To Win by Dan Roam [Book Review]

Draw To Win is a must draw book!

(See what I did there? It’s not a must ‘read’ but a must ‘draw’…Wow, I’m so clever :))

I’ve always been a huge fan of the ‘visual’ side of business. Whether ‘stumbling’ for hours on end looking at infographics on StumbleUpon, poking around at various squeeze pages, or reading a blog post with some killer visuals…I’m a sucker for design!

And something about ‘hand drawn images’ has always grabbed my attention so when I heard that Dan Roam (author of The Back of The Napkin) released his new book a few months ago, I jumped at the opportunity to draw in….Errrr….Dive in 🙂

draw to win

Do you like that?

That’s my horrible attempt at being Picasso. But in Draw To Win, Dan explains that you do not need to be a famous artist to draw captivating images for your business.

Using simple shapes and boxes, even the least skilled designers (that would be me…) could create images that really stick out from the crowd.

And that’s the huge message behind this book…

Whoever draws the best image, wins!

And drawing the best imagine is pretty simple, the book goes over some really easy to follow techniques of how you start with a circle, draw that and let your imagination run wild.

Some of the highlights for me were as follows:

draw to win

Fancy right?

I had so much fun not only reading Draw To Win, but actually doing the exercises throughout the book as well. I’m pretty sure, you can’t just read about drawing, you actually have to put pen to paper.

But after all is said and done, visuals are so important! We are visual creatures and a huge part of my business over the years has been to study design and what attracts eye balls…This book is the perfect companion for any marketer that’s looking to add some ‘art’ to their work!

And yeah, like you can see..I’m no Picasso! But hey, nothing is stopping me from creating! Daily!

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