What Is Drip Feed Marketing? [VIDEO]

A few years ago we had this crazy concept. The internet has always been the land of information over load, so when we developed Click Track Profit we thought it would be a good idea to train people to…Take their time.

A weird concept right?

In the days of 140 characters or less and results in 30 seconds or less, taking your time isn’t a very sexy proposition.

But we thought, let’s give people good training in bite sized chunks so that they can learn at a slower pace and gain confidence throughout the process. The idea was to get people to learn by taking action on these short lessons, and after they completed the training, they could progress to the next level of training. Slowly. But steady. Over time.

The results were remarkable.

We saw people who had never even heard of a hashtag on Twitter, set up campaigns with ease. Folks that had never set up an autoresponder campaign ever, were drafting series after series without fail. Members that had never referred a single member in the career, were building strong and passionate teams of like minded individuals.

Now I know there were other factors in play but I believe ‘the drip feeding of content and training‘ helped so many people get their first ‘wins’ online…The confidence was being built and it encouraged more people to press forward.

This is what drip feed marketing can do for your business…It allows your subscribers and members to learn at their own pace and encourage action after each step. Slow and steady wins the race and with drip feed training and marketing, we’re seeing the results so many years later.

But what about affiliates?

How can you benefit from drip feeding content? Simple, by using an auto responder you can do the exact same thing to train your subscribers and team members. Get them great content in bite sized chunks and encourage them to take an action step after each ’email’.

Something as simple as teaching them how to follow you on Twitter, use hash tags, set up an auto responder series, like your fan page on Facebook…They might not seem like huge steps but for someone just getting started online…It’s a huge win.

Remember, when people feel over whelmed and frustrated they will simply give up.

So the nugget with drip feeding content and training is that people get manageable content and training, over time…They don’t feel over whelmed and start building confidence right after day one.

10 thoughts to “What Is Drip Feed Marketing? [VIDEO]”

    1. Yeah man, people really adopted it. And while it’s not ‘sexy’ it’s a game plan for long term growth and retention.

    1. Nah, different concepts. But the end goal is the same…Give value to your subscribers and readers first, profits second 🙂

  1. I always loved drip feed training at CTP and thought of it as the best way to start the learning process.

    Great advice about the autoresponder series and including actionable steps in the emails. I have an intro series set up for my new members on my site, but haven’t thought of giving them something easy to do in every email of this training phase. Great idea, thanks Jon! You just redefined my priorities for today, lol.

  2. Short emails can be Drip Fed through an auto-responder email List Mailer. They can each provide a unique link to the next appropriate Blog Post in a series of understandable steps.

    Blog Posts are written in a chronological order, but are usually viewed in REVERSE — most recent/advanced first.

    Drip Feeding your selected Blog Posts will allow your List Subscribers to harvest information in an efficient manor.

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