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The Easy Button Is Broken, So Stop Pressing It

Me: “I’m looking for some awesome suggestions for the blog…Does anyone want me to touch on a topic or have something they would like see discussed?”

Eric Burgoyne: “Why the easy button is broken, there are no short cuts and how to pick the perfect business opportunity for yourself…”

Eric doesn’t know yet, but he actually gave me three topics that I’m going to wrap into one blog post that tackles the ugly side of making money online.

Lesson number 1
There are no short cuts!

This kinda goes against everything you may have been taught in your opportunity of the month. If someone is trying to sell you internet riches in 30 days or less…Please run away.

I understand, some people ‘strike it rich’ online. They come across some hot opportunity and all of a sudden they are making millions and telling you how you should feel and live your life. But that’s far and few in between….

The dead honest truth is that you actually WANT this to take time!

Wait a minute….What did he just write?

You read it correctly but it’s not for the reasons you may think. You see, the true wealth you will ‘earn‘ in developing an online business is the people you meet, the things you learn and the skills you master.

That’s right, the journey is where the wealth is! And the best part is that the more you concentrate on the journey, rather than the destination, the more enjoyment and fulfillment you will receive.

Opportunities come and go. What’s ‘hot’ right now, may not even be online in a year from now..But those skills, relationships and things you learn…Can last a lifetime!

Fine and dandy, but what about the money?

That’s where the ‘perfect opportunity’ comes in!

You see, the perfect opportunity is…Well, it’s you!

Your ability to do these things consistently, over time will pay off more than you ever thought possible. They are:

– Building relationships
– Delivering value daily in those relationships
– Practice list building & personal branding
– Become dedicated to personal growth
– Adapting and embracing change

Not the answer you wanted?

However it might be what you NEEDED! You see, I can’t tell you that ‘this opportunity’ is better than that one. Only you know what’s the perfect fit!

Some people love the network marketing model, others prefer the affiliate marketing niche. Some folks love the health and wellness industry, others focus on development and coaching.

What’s the best for YOU is where you will be as invested in a year from now as you are today!

That’s the only advice that matters.

Be invested in YOUR future, enjoy and embrace the journey…Do that daily and you’ll not only find the perfect opportunity, you’ll be on the path to real entrepreneurial success.

10 thoughts to “The Easy Button Is Broken, So Stop Pressing It”

  1. It would help to be no easy button instead of a broken one, but since that’s not going to happen, it’s up to us to challenge ourselves. Following simple steps is not the same as following the easy path. Great post, Jon!

      1. LOL Thanks man. I mean, I get it. I understand why the ‘easy button’ is such a big seller. We want thins now, and not spend any effort to get it. I just know where that path leads. Nowhere good 🙁

  2. What!!! No Easy Button!! I quit!!! ……..Actually I have found the things I work hardest to learn step by step and the relationships I have built are the things I appreciate the most and find the most value from. While on the surface the Easy button ( get rich in 30 days) would be and is a temptation to many, I have found these programs to be grossly lacking in results. Thanks for the reminder to continue to grow and build relationships, knowledge and nurture your list.

    1. Thanks Carla, yeah me too. I remember about 15 years ago, I was just starting to get things ‘figured out’ and there was this huge new launch that everyone was getting behind. It was supposed to revolutionize the way you made money online. But taught nothing. Just pay your 40 bucks a month and sit back…..Interestingly enough, the program shut down about 3 months after launch.

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