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Embrace The Suck – The Art Of Getting Better

Building any kind of online business requires entrepreneurs to grow in areas they may not be too comfortable in….It’s part of the journey but for some, it can be a lot easier said than done…

One of the areas that online entrepreneurs must embrace is content marketing. Traffic generation is a touchy subject and while sure you can run to Facebook and drop a small fortune on some ad placements…Many entrepreneurs look to more organic and in many cases, free, traffic generating methods.

And that’s where content marketing comes in…

It’s not a sexy approach though, because this stuff takes time to start to pay off..But if we embrace the process and know that we aren’t going to get 10,000 people beating down our doors next week, it’s a fantastic marketing strategy.

But….There’s always a but!

You may have heard me mention a content marketer by the name of Roberto Blake before. I highly recommend that you follow him btw!

He came up with an awesome strategy and approach to building content online…And it’s something that will change your mindset when it comes to creating content!

First..He states that you must create at least 100 pieces of content (blog posts, videos, social media posts etc..) before you get..Any traction!

Oh wow…Even if you are creating content at least once a day, that’s 100 days away before you get ANY kind of reaction from your audience….


And yup, most people won’t dedicate themselves to that.

But wait, it gets worse….

He then says that if you want to start making a living from this same content, get ready to create 1000 pieces before you start pulling in the big bucks.

You hear this kind of approach in other areas of building businesses too. Malcom Gladwell’s famous statement that you need to invest 10,000 hours in ANY craft before you can master it…Doesn’t really get people too excited. Because that’s almost 5 years of investing your life into something (given you work at it for like 40 hours a week)…

Welp…Here’s my advice!

Embrace the suck!

You are going to suck when you first get started at creating content…Great! You aren’t supposed to be an expert on day one….

Speaking of sucking….Here’s a video I did, one of the first ever…In 2010. I was about 100 lbs heavier than I am now, and let’s just say I had the personality of a….Corpse.

I sucked! Man it”s cringe worthy watching that now lol

But I kept doing videos…I kept creating.

I knocked out 100 pieces of content that same year…And then started to create much more ‘comfortable’ videos like…

I just kept creating…But I think you can see the massive difference between video number 1 (ish) and then the video above which was a few years later.

But it didn’t just happen…

To benefit from a content marketing approach, you MUST be creating everyday.

And no, that doesn’t mean your content needs to be your magnum opus each day…But you need to be out there, pushing yourself!

Embrace the suck!

Embrace that it’s not going to be easy. And embrace that you may not be that good when you start at creating…The important part though…Is that you create daily!

And don’t stop… 😉



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