Encouragement & Why We All Need It [VIDEO]

Encouragement! It’s something we all need badly yet rarely seem to get it. I know, trust me! Some of the harshest critics in the world have been from my own family and inner circle. But then you find people that truly want you to grow. They want to see you soar! Click ‘Read More’ to watch the video on why we all need some encouragement in our business and lives…

2 thoughts to “Encouragement & Why We All Need It [VIDEO]”

  1. Thanks for the sharing Jon!

    Inspiration, Encouragement, and Motivation will always be the important tools to drive people to success in whatever they are doing and whatever they have set their goals to. Without them, there will be many excuses being made up to give up on a new endeavour and many people will usually give in to this temptation of giving up because it is the easier way out at the present moment.

    Your quote of “The Asset is The Relationship With Your List!” will remain as one quote which will always hold true. There is no greater asset than the confidence you develop with the real people on your list.

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