Engagement! How Does Steem Stack Up?

The STEEM Blockchain!

We love it for the technology. It’s appreciated for it’s potential. The people are what make it so unique….

However one of the toughest selling points I we have faced is this…

Grandma Jean isn’t on STEEM!

She’s busy liking her grandkids pictures on Facebook though…

Ah yes…Onboarding! Making this place attractive to the outside world. Which is a world that doesn’t care about the squabbles about potatoes. Or downvotes. Or who has what stake and how much.

What they care about is…Can I use it easily and is it a fun place to be?

I’ve said before, it’s not up for the world to change for the Steem blockchain, it’s up to us to create an attractive experience that people WANT to be a part of.

So I did a little test over the past 24 hours…

I wanted to see, what social media platform would generate the most engagement for something I put together…


Because whether we like to admit it or not, if people aren’t ENGAGING here…We don’t have a platform worth talking about. Grandma Jean is never coming over!

We need people engaging with each other to make this stuff spread…And again, attract an audience that wants to be here.

So let’s see what happened when I shared this meme….On Steem (Appics), Facebook and Twitter.

dolly parton

The Dolly Parton Challenge has been everywhere online over the past week…

So instead of creating a graphic and highlighting LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Tinder…I decided to have a little fun and use Steem dApps and Tribes only!

I used @SteemPress instead of LinkedIn, @Dtube instead of Facebook, @Appics instead of Instagram and for my final act….@Dporn instead of Tinder (which got quite a few laughs…)

Here’s what I saw when it came to engagement as I shared the meme on Facebook, Twitter and finally right here on Steem / Appics…24 hours later;


Usually my top social media platform when it comes to engagement. I do a lot of my live streaming on Facebook and always get great numbers when it comes to likes and comments…Not that great though when it came to this meme…

25 ‘Likes’ and technically only 2 comments. That 3rd comment is me replying to one. So Facebook traditionally always does good when it comes to engagement with my friends and followers, this didn’t do that good when it came to comments.


Steem’s little playground of late…Everyone from Steem has been focusing on Twitter and for very good reason. This is where ‘Crypto Twitter’ lives and where most ‘crypto’ talk takes place. Let’s see how we did with sharing the Dolly Parton Challenge here….

So…The bonus about Twitter is I could click and see how ‘deep’ the engagement was. I got about 1000 impressions of the meme, 4 profile views and 3 hash tag clicks…Not bad. But the big two numbers were 21 ‘likes’ and 6 comments. So a better ‘back and forth’ with my followers and friends, but roughly the same amount of likes.

I’m happy with this but a little surprised. i thought it would have been shared much more within ‘Steem Twitter’ as I get quite a lot of support from fellow Steemians on Twitter, but the numbers were good and I was happy with it.

Steem / Appics

Captain Obvious wants to say a few words….

“Steem wins!”

Yup, you guessed it and it comes as no surprise for those of us ON THE blockchain! Engagement and ‘likes / upvotes’ were awesome!

First image is my Steem rewards and numbers….104 likes, 14 comments (I responded to them, that’s why there are 27 comments) and $1.03 in Steem Rewards.

Second image…$1.40 in Appics rewards.

I’m not surprised from the engagement I saw from this content and the comments…Most people got a kick out of it and thought it was creative and fun. Steemians appreciating and supporting a fellow Steemian.

I believe this is what most who aren’t involved in Steem fail to understand…We have amazing engagement here. And yeah, there is incentive to do so..So what? What’s wrong with appreciating each other’s content and letting the creator know you do so?

As you can see, the rewards I got aren’t going make me rich….But that’s the point!!!

It’s a BONUS!

Look at all the amazing comments I got on that content shared on the blockchain!!! That’s the real wealth of opportunity here on Steem.

I remember when I first joined Steem there was a popular saying going around the blockchain…And I’m paraphrasing, but it went something like this;

“Come for the rewards, stay for the community!”

That is really not a bad value proposition for this place…We’ve got FANTASTIC people here that support each other with strong engagement, this is something to be celebrated as we onboard more users!



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