Engagement…The Missing Key To Massive STEEM Growth?

There are a few things you hear about when you first join STEEM…

More than likely, you hear about the rewards…Actually being PAID to create content on the blockchain. You also hear things like STEEM Power, the need to power up, the importance of curation and heck don’t forget bid bots to confuse you even more…

What fails to get mentioned is that, when you strip it all away…This is a social media platform.

Yes, it’s a blockchain. Yes it’s a crypto currency.

But it’s a social platform first because without the PEOPLE here…None of it matters.

I want to grow my account here on STEEM. It’s something I believe in and a huge part of my game / life plan going forward…

And I’m into month number 8 on my STEEM journey and there are a few things I’ve come to realize during the better part of 2018…

1. Unless you have a bunch of money to dump into buying STEEM, your growth will be slow here.

2. We should spend time on the things we can control and not what we can’t…

So I take those two truths about STEEM and I mix them together and here’s my solution on how I can grow my account here…

I will ENGAGE the community more and try to build my followers!


Oh man, isn’t that opening a can of worms?

It seems like everywhere you turn, people say we need more engagement on the blockchain. Can it be that simple? Could that simple human NEED be what will fuel this platform forward?

I think so!

And here’s why…

Remember, this is a SOCIAL media platform (built on top of a blockchain and a damn good one too). And because with any social platform online, it’s the PEOPLE that will fuel it’s success or failure. As more and more people start to discover STEEM, they will no doubt hear about the potential rewards, the crypto currency, the potential…And during that time I think it’s critical for Steemians across the blockchain to ENGAGE these newer members!

Heck, don’t stop at the newer Steemians…Engage with EVERYONE!

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Use the amazing apps we have at our fingertips!

Share awesome content!

I found this awesome graphic online created by Tanmay Vora based on a blog post by Randy Conley.

(Source: / Tanmay Vora / Randy Conley)

This hits the nail on the head and going forward, I’m going to focus my ‘engagement‘ on the blockchain to see if I can line it up with these ‘4 basic human needs‘..

Trust – Build relationships with my followers and awesome people on STEEM. Show up everyday and deliver value to them!

Hope – Be positive! Even during the rough times and price dips lol I am bullish on STEEM and will do everything I can to spread the amazing news about it!

Sense of Worth – I will highlight awesome content and ALWAYS reply and upvote meaningful comments!

Competent – We all need to challenge ourselves. When we do, we will grow…As individuals as well as the entire blockchain community.

Hey, maybe this is all just utopian dreams…

Perhaps we all go back to life before the blockchain…

Or maybe we remember…The people! And we spend our time here not looking for upvotes and to get on a whale’s radar…Maybe we just start engaging with the amazing people that are here, right now, and who knows…We may have something truly remarkable!

Never forget that PEOPLE are what drives this stuff…And because of that, I’m so grateful to be here and have the opportunity to meet and engage with you all!

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