Entrepreneurs & Online Gaming…Why DrugWars Is Just The Tip Of The STEEM Iceberg!

If you loved SteemMonsters…Get ready to be blown away…DrugWars is here!

I’m no prophet…But I swear I can see the future of this blockchain…

The more time I spend on STEEM, the more I’m starting to realize it’s potential impact on literally…Everything!

From social media to content creation, online gambling to gaming…There is something for everyone here on STEEM…

Last night I was about to go to bed and then got notice that @exyle had just posted some new content…And the title struck me;

Drug Wars on the blockchain!

Wait a minute….Is that similar to Dope Wars? The SUPER addictive desktop game from so many years ago?

And the answer would be…Yes!

So here’s the team from Fundition, creating a blockchain based version of this popular game and less than 24 hours after it’s test launch….Well, I’ll let the screen shot do the talking….


Over 8700 Steem raised…In less than 24 hours.

And I almost guarantee, by the time you read this…It’ll be way over 10,0000.


Online gaming!

These two factors are the future of this blockchain and where STEEM will go….

Forget your arguments about decentralization and privacy…All those are bonuses compared to the MASSIVE opportunity that you have when you combine…Entrepreneurship with something like online gaming.

And we’re just getting started…

The birth of Steem-Engine last week will drive even more entrepreneurs to this space and it’s about to get crazy.

You are SO lucky to be here, right now in history.

We are starting to see the realization of what STEEM had the potential to be when it was created. The ability to tokenize everything because projects like @steemmonsters and now @drugwars are showing entrepreneurs what STEEM can be used for…

This is so much more than a blogging blockchain but hey, it’s a damn good one at that too 😉

I remember a few weeks ago on a State of Steem, @paulag mentioned that we needed more content consumers rather just content creators…Because without people actually using this stuff every day and consuming the products…We’re just another hyped up blockchain…

Well folks, here it is!


(Click the image above to check Drug Wars out!)

You can play this game for free!

It’ll generate STEEM for you automatically!

It’s BEYOND addicting!

And it’s just getting started….

The future of this blockchain will be built by the entrepreneurs that create games that will CONSUMED by the masses.

But again….I’m no prophet…lol

However I’m seeing this stuff develop in front of my eyes…And if you have an ounce of entrepreneurial blood in you….By now, you are VERY excited!

See you in the streets 😉


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