Entrepreneurs! The Solution For More Adoption

What’s the number one issue facing STEEM and all crypto currency these days?

The volatility? Who knows where the price of this stuff will be tomorrow…

The price? All time highs are long gone and will we see the booms of days past?

Or is it…Real world adoption? Getting people to actually use this stuff?

I did a quick little ‘poll’ on my Facebook account last night (hey I still Facebook to bring awareness to STEEM lol) and it was pretty straight forward…

Yes…I asked my ‘internet marketing friends‘ simply because I believe in @ned ‘s dream of having thousands of entrepreneurs here on the blockchain. And whatever you may think about internet marketers, these people are risk takers and adopt new technology pretty quickly.

If they start to get behind blockchains like STEEM and encourage their customers and partners to take a good look at crypto, we could see some major changes with adoption!

Anyways, I got about a dozen responses so far and it ranged from;

To some confusion on how to get more involved….( I’ll share SteemSavvy with her 😉 )

To outright refusal….

Generally speaking though….About 80% of the responses I got seemed supportive of crypto currency as a method of receiving payments and sending them.

Hey that’s a win right there!

We will start seeing the fruits of our labor on the blockchain once people are willing to accept crypto as a method of payment across the board. Not just online entrepreneurs but mom and pop on main street too…

Because let’s be honest, it all comes back to adoption!

Not just using this stuff here on STEEM, but the ability to live off it. And yes there are regulations in place around the world that don’t make it as easy as saying ‘I’m all in with crypto‘ but you can see from my simple question…The entrepreneurs are on board!

And that’s a fantastic thing…!

Because entrepreneurship translates into new ideas. New concepts. And potentially new ways to leverage the blockchain that no one has thought of yet…

We (as entrepreneurs) have a unique ability to throw things against the wall to find something that sticks. We’re o.k with failure and we try things simply out of curiosity…Some may say we’re a little odd and that’s ok 🙂

But this poll fired me up!

Seeing the positive opinion of crypto EVEN WHEN prices are low…Showed me that we are getting so close…Ohhh so close…To more adoption!

Personally speaking, my off-chain businesses are going through some massive changes right now. And part of the re-branding I’m going to do will focus on educating and suggesting that my customers take a good look at crypto as a payment option.

It may be a little scary for them at first, I know! Heck when I got started in internet marketing and online business, we mailed checks to pay for products and services…Way before PayPal! Way before online merchant accounts…

I believe entrepreneurs will help this blockchain thrive in the future! These creative business minds will think of something that hasn’t been conceived yet and once they do…More people will become aware of the huge potential of not only STEEM but crypto across the planet…

Get ready folks…I think 2019 is going to change…Everything!


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