Entrepreneurship! It’s Not A Job, It’s An Adventure…


What a crazy career this is…

We work 80 hours a week (it seems) and spend every waking moment, building….

For the hope, not guarantee, of income!

Yes, being in business for yourself can be quite the experience…So when days like this pop up, you can’t help but get very excited.

You see, today is what we call in ‘online marketing circles’ as…Launch day.

It’s the day we release a new program or website into the market for the chance…not guarantee…That it will catch the attention of our market!

At 8pm tonight eastern, a project that my partner @blainjones and myself have been working on will be released…

We think this adds SO MUCH VALUE to our members @clicktrackprofit but also to the entire HIVE community as well.

Launch days are filled with excitement but also a whole lot of nervousness as well…

You see, this may completely fail!

We hope not lol But at the end of the day, the market will determine if it’s got legs or not…

We are putting our best effort out there and have developed a program we think can really help everyone in the affiliate marketing world. But alas, it’s a risk!

A calculated one at that but still a risk 🙂

So what will happen?

Well we hope you guys come by and check us out and what we are launching…

You can join our Discord or Telegram groups for access to the live event. But we do launches a little different than most…

There will not be any ‘offers’ given. No one time pay now opportunities…Literally, we aren’t selling a thing!

You’ll have to stop by and see what we mean 🙂

It all gets started at 8pm eastern tonight!

Hope to see you there!

(Side note: I have been trying to get the Road To 10k video uploaded for the past 12 hours…To no avail. So please excuse me if there is extra content over the next 24 hours from my account lol Playing catch up right now…)

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