Entrepreneurship…The Fuel For STEEM?

I was taking a drive with a friend of mine this morning and the topic of entrepreneurship came up…

I’m 41 years old and my buddy is in his late 30’s. We’ve both been in business for ourselves for decades. We noticed that we followed similar paths to becoming entrepreneurs and it started with one simple truth…

We sucked at working for other people!

I know I did…My goodness. Watching someone in authority tell me to wash some dishes, or clean this, or file that…It was a rough sight. I just couldn’t comply! Regardless of how much money I was being paid I needed the freedom of making my own decisions. And allow my own actions to serve and deliver value to MY customers is what drove me to succeed.

It’s something engrained in me as well as for so many others here on the STEEM blockchain…

We are wired a little different!

Especially if we have a long term vision for the STEEM blockchain and what it represents…

Following guys like @nathanmars @brandonfrye @stackin @modernpastor @flauwy @exyle @taskmaster4450 , you start to hear powerful truths and very similar messages….

Stay the course, this WILL pay off in the end!

And I believe it with every ounce of my being…But let’s be honest, there are no guarantees. Heck this could all go to zero tomorrow, we are never 100% sure of the outcome when we become entrepreneurs.

We are certain in our efforts though! No one can question our desire to deliver value, create content or serve others…That’s the entrepreneurs gamble…We WILL go through the process, but we have no guarantee of outcomes!

I think that’s why we are so drawn to STEEM. Without innovation, this blockchain becomes obsolete. Without desire and passion from content creators, no one will notice our hard work.

It’s a match made in heaven for me…We have the freedom to express ourselves and develop literally ANY idea we want here, and the opportunities start to show up the more active we are…That’s why it’s so important to keep producing content now while STEEM is priced lower than we’ve come to expect.

Remember, we’re wired different!

Most people are attracted to crypto and platforms like STEEM when things are going through the roof…That’s very similar to a 9 to 5 mentality.

Show up when things are ‘guaranteed‘!

But entrepreneurs are built for the up’s and down’s. We’re ready to ride the roller coaster because we know it’s a thrill! We know that if we keep on the path, the journey will be the reward…We will meet awesome people, learn new skills and develop experience that only rolling up your sleeves can deliver.

And just think of the tools at your disposal here…

Are you a blogger? Can you think of any better app than Steemit combined with Steempress?

Are you a gamer and looking to build your following and community? Dlive is literally….Perfect for that!

How about content creation in video format? All of the changes and improvements on deck from Dtube will allow you to reach thousands every time you use it!

Are you a photographer and want to share your photos with the world? Steepshot and eventually Appics have you covered…

I can go on and on because literally, developers and entrepreneurs are BUIDLING these tools for YOU to use and express yourself right here! Right now!

The fuel that will take STEEM to another level is the entrepreneurial spirit and we’re on the cusp of something big…Now is the time to scream from the mountaintops that STEEM is the blockchain of opportunity!

Let’s spread the message!



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