The Epic Power of Community [VIDEO]

Community! Human beings find comfort in community and for good reason. We are social creatures and you can see by the massive explosion of social media over the past few years, we love to be around like minded people.

The true power of community cannot be over stated and nothing, I mean nothing, has given me more joy over the years than hanging otu with folks that are as passionate about business and personal development as I am. From the awesome community within CTP Teams, to the industry of the traffic exchanges….I love being a part of these communities.

And the best part of all this, is that it can be very rewarding if you put the people first in everything you do.

It has to be genuine though. Meaning you cannot just tell yourself ‘I want to be a part of a community so I can make money’. It needs to come from the heart…

I want to be a part of this community so we all benefit. So I can add value to others and I can learn and grow with them.

You see so many people jump online and try to say all the right things without genuinely wanting to help others. And then when they are sniffed out, they usually give up and won’t return. What a waste of potential!

The rewards are amazing when you contribute daily to others in the community. You can build live long relationships with others. Build your businesses together. Share stories of success and failures. Contribute to each other’s projects. But most of all, you can learn together, grow together and find success together!

Think of it like this…

We first want to be affiliated with like minded individuals, so that becomes our comfort when we join a community.

We then show up daily, over time and start helping others and growing together. That starts to stack up and becomes our own reputation in a community. People start saying that you really care and want to help folks. The reputation continues to grow…

And then you become a person of influence.

This doesn’t happen overnight and there is no ‘set amount of time’ one must invest in a community. But if you do it genuinely. And you honestly want to add value to others…The payoff can be more than you ever dreamed!

P.S. Just a note…Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays we will be doing our shows and recording them for this blog. But on Tuesdays and Thursdays we will be hanging out in our original home – Traffic Exchange Live. Be sure to subscribe and come say hi, bring lots of questions and let’s have a blast building our businesses!

4 thoughts to “The Epic Power of Community [VIDEO]”

  1. Awesome post and video Jon! You said what I have been saying to everyone I am trying to help. Maybe it is because I learned it from you a long time ago. It is so right on. I have said many times, the more people that you help to be successful the more blessings will flow in your direction. Thank you for helping so many people Jon. Blessing. 😀

    1. Yeah and it’s the right thing to do. We dont need to convince anyone that helping each other out is a good move…We just need more people doing it 🙂

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