The Evergreen Affiliate Marketing Plan [VIDEO]

Today we talked about evergreen affiliate products and how important they are to your foundation in online business. While opportunities come and go, evergreen products stay the course! Click ‘Read More‘ to discover the perfect evergreen affiliate marketing plan for your business using some of the best services that we offer…

As mentioned in the video below, the power of promoting evergreen products are two fold….

One, they allow you to add massive value to your customers. Recommending these kind of programs produce long term results for your lists and clients. People that join evergreen products tend to stay with them for years and don’t come and go. The attrition rates are lower than ‘the opportunities‘ that are pitched to most people online. They need the services evergreen products provide as much in a year from now as they do today.

And second, building affiliates into these kind of programs sets you up for residual monthly income for years to come. It’s the perfect fit because it helps build your foundation for long term income.

We will look at Rocket Responder (an autoresponder), (analytics and tracking service), Kore4 / ClickTrackProfit (a marketing training hub) and finally List Viral (a list management and squeeze page creating tool).

Rocket Responder – Earns you $4/ month – Earns you minimum $3 / month
Kore4 – Earns you $15 / month
List Viral – Earns you minimum $7 / month

Minimum total monthly income from referring just one person to these 4 evergreen products = $29 a month

Now let’s think about that and break it down with a plus 1 game plan….If you are adding a new customer once a month to these 4 programs, you could potential be earning thousands in residual income each and every month by simply RECOMMENDING programs that your customers need to promote whatever they wish!

This is the power of evergreen products and why recommend building downlines in these kind of programs. Long term residual income, plus huge value to your customers and clients….It’s a win win!

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