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Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson [Book Review]

When I learned that Russell Brunson was writing a follow up to ‘Dot Com Secrets‘ called Expert Secrets I was a little nervous…

First off, Dot Com Secrets is what I consider a classic book about internet marketing. It’s up there Integration Marketing by Mark Joyner as something you MUST read if you are in this business. I loved every page of it and write down tons of tips and tricks that I have used in my own business over the past few years.

So along comes Expert Secrets and I still haven’t implemented all of what Russell discussed in his last book…Honestly, there is so much to cover in both these books, it’s literally like taking a college course on internet marketing.

And that’s exactly how I would describe Expert Secrets! It’s like going to school! And learning from arguably the king of internet marketing every step of the way.

Russell is what he calls, a reluctant hero. He’s an every day guy who fell in love with internet marketing years ago and has been building his brand up for over a decade. He’s king for a reason and Expert Secrets could be considered his magnum opus.

Each part of the book is broken into fun stories, examples and real world techniques that you can put into practice immediately. Sometimes you’ll need to go over the points a few times as he starts to describe ‘the stack’ and ‘the epiphany bridge’. Just to make sure you understand it all but at the end of the day this is fantastic information.

I’m a visual guy, so one of the best parts of this book are the drawings and sketches of various points Russell makes. They really do help give you a clearer view of what he’s showing you. It adds so much to the experience.

expert secrets

And like I said, this is literally, a college course in internet marketing. I was talking to a few people while reading Expert Secrets and telling them, I’ll need to re-read it a few times to understand it all.

But you just can’t deny how great the information is. If you are in internet or affiliate marketing, this is a must read!

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