Fear & Ignorance Can Be Defeated

Fear! Nothing holds us back more in becoming what we were created to be than this self induced emotion.

Think about it.

We fear failure. We fear the unknown. Heck we even fear sounds that go bump in the night…

And generally, these are nothing more than…Just that. The unknown. It’s ignorance.

We are lacking knowledge in certain aspects of our lives that do so much damage to our potential, it’s scary.

I’m really starting to get into Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life by Brian Tracy and as I dove into chapter 5 this past weekend, I discovered Brian’s opinion on fear & ignorance that showed how this emotion literally can cripple us.

“Fear & ignorance reinforce each other; they grow until they induce you in a form of mental paralysis, which leads to underachievement and failure…”


That summed it up perfectly. We are the creators of both fear and ignorance in our lives. And going back to what he mentioned in the first chapters about the Law of Substitution and Habit, we are literally CREATING a dungeon for ourselves with our self thought.

Good news though, Brian follows up this point with a remedy.

Two actually – Desire & Knowledge.

The more we start filling our minds with good things, our habits feed our desire. If we’re focused on ‘thinking’ good thoughts, dedicated to personal development and growing in business and life, we can’t help but DESIRE to grow more. And become more. This is just simple human nature. The better we feel, the better we become.

And knowledge replacing ignorance is easy to understand. The more we desire to learn and increase our knowledge in business, life etc…Ignorance starts to disappear.

You see…The power to change our thinking and get rid of fear is right in front of our face. We control our thoughts, and it’s all we really can control in this world.

2 thoughts to “Fear & Ignorance Can Be Defeated”

  1. Yes, Jon, this is so very true and have done it myself many times. I need to focus moving forward and what I should do to make things work, makes things better, and how I can help others. Helping others will you forget about yourself and what you are afraid of. I have needed to go to the doctor for an added antidepressant as well. Yes, fear can become very crippling. And then we spend too much time blaming it on others, instead of moving forward. Staying in the past will freeze you. We can’t change the past, but we can change the future. Have a great day! 🙂

    1. Thanks Barb, yup that’s exactly right. We are in charge of everything that we think, so if we are thinking ‘negative’ that’s our own doing. Good thoughts, good vibes = Good results.

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