Finding Likeminded People Online Is…

mind matters

…what Plus 1 is all about.

It kind of dampens your successes if you have nobody to share them with.

In the same way your problems and frustrations can seem to be totally overwhelming if you have nobody else to talk about them and put them into perspective for you.

That is why when you first get online, it is vital that you don’t try to do everything on your own and in total isolation.

If you are building a business online – perhaps one using traffic exchanges for example – then CTP training, CTP Teams and Kore 4 affiliate programs are great places to start.

Obviously I would say that so it is really nice when someone relatively new to the online community comes to exactly the same conclusion.

Check out the recent blog post from Carla Frey who explains how she is so glad she found CTP, joined WealthBuilders and discovered the benefits of Kore4: Teamwork, Competition, Collecting XP and who the REAL winners were….


One thought to “Finding Likeminded People Online Is…”

  1. Hi Patrick great post. I totally agree with you that people start at CTP and Kore 4 to help pave their way to online business success. When I first started many years ago I spent years program hopping and not knowing what was legitimate or not, losing allot of money and in isolation. When I finally got to CTP and came to TELive or Plus 1 meetings as they are called now on a daily basis it got the ball rolling for me! It is also important to surf in the CTP Traffic exchange chats to get to know like minded people. Thank you for this important post. Have a nice day Patrick 🙂

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