Why Finding The Right People Is Critical To Your Business? [VIDEO]

This past Monday we talked about how important people are to your business and how we should do everything in our power to put them first before anything else. You see, that’s fine and dandy but let’s take it a step further and talk about finding the RIGHT people for your business!

There are two groups of people online it seems.

The first group is happy with being average. They refuse to get uncomfortable and rarely if ever discuss personal growth and development. They are happy where they are and where their business is. And you know what…That’s completely fine. I’m, not going to tell these people how to run their business, they are grown adults and if they are happy, great!

The second group is fired up about growth! They want to succeed more and more each day and love being around people that share the same determination and drive that they do.

Two different groups, each has their pro’s and con’s.

A lesson I learned so many years ago from reading books like Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad was this…If you are the smartest person in the room, find another room! The author talked about forming teams of experts and surrounding yourself with absolute ACES in business. The more people you can draw inspiration and advice from, the better.

So I started hanging out in online marketing forums (The Warrior Forum, Net Marketing Forum, and a few others), I started attending online seminars and driving across the continent to attend offline seminars as well. I made up my mind that I was kind of ignorant to all things business related so I needed to grow. I need to learn. And I needed to NOT be the smartest guy in the room (which is a lot easier than you would believe lol)

Anyways, this started to pay dividends.

I found like minded individuals. I focused on developing relationships that I still have to this day. And I fell in love with personal growth and reading books! I surrounded myself with people, that wanted success as bad if not more than I did…And this truly is one of the biggest reasons I’m still working from home for myself after almost 2 decades!

If the group you are hanging out with refuses to grow, it might be time for a change. Find groups that want success as much as you do and your life will be changed forever!

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