Finish by Jon Acuff [Book Review]

This is a book I had to ‘Finish’! And I knew that from the ‘Start!’.

If you are a fan of Jon Acuff’s then those two sentences were a really bad joke…

If you are not a fan of Jon’s welcome to the wonderful world of personal development, success, personal growth and…Comedy?

A few years ago Jon released a book called ‘Start!’ which was easily one of the top books I had ever read about business. He broke ‘getting started’ down to a science and I loved every minute of it.

I started following him on Facebook, Twitter and followed his career closely. I do that with authors I really enjoy 🙂 It’s borderline stalker status but shhhhhh don’t tell them….

Anyways, Jon was talking about ‘Finish’ for a few months and when I saw it at the local book store this week, I snatched it up.

What a great read!

While ‘Start’ focused on getting off our butts and actually put the axe to the grindstone, ‘Finish’ were the action steps to see what we have started through to completion.

Jon describes our enemy in the form of ‘perfectionism‘ and how it kills our own potential by trying to tell us we need to be perfect in everything we do.

The book was filled with life lessons, humorous examples and real world strategies that can get us to the ‘finish’ line. All while staying away from ‘perfectionism’ and it’s ugly companions…

finish book

Huge bonus…I love books that add action steps like the ones found in ‘Finish’. There is something ‘real’ about when an author doesn’t just throw information at you but intends for you to actually DO the work.

This is the DNA of ‘Finish’!

Doing things. While having fun. Until completion. And always grow through each experience.

I’m really not sure which of his books I preferred, but you really can’t read one without the other.

I highly recommend ‘Start and Finish’, as two books that will help you grow both personally and professionally!

4 thoughts to “Finish by Jon Acuff [Book Review]”

  1. Hi, Jon, these sound like two great books to read, especially for anyone that is a perfectionist. I was that way and say was my mom when I was in grade school and high school. It made life miserable to the point nothing got done. Life wasn’t fun either. Having fun is really important in life and at work. I had to get psychotherapy when I was a kid, and so did my mom about this. I’m glad I finally got over being such a perfectionist. I was told that being somewhere in the middle is the best way to be. It can depend though. Unfortunately many jobs require you do your work perfectly. The world needs to change.

    1. Yeah we have to have fun in what we do. That’s so important. And that’s what is so awesome about entrepreneurship. We can love what we do, have fun and pay the bills along the way 🙂

  2. I fully intend to get both books. Thanks for the review and also for the
    encouragement. Perhaps the “heat” of these 2 books will melt a bunch
    of my perfectionism.

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