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I just returned from 2 weeks away on the road. I was out east visiting family and friends and while I don’t get to travel much these days, when I do it’s always a relaxing time. This trip my wife and I decided to upgrade our economy fares to first class, simply because…Well…It’s a much better experience lol

The food. The service. The leg room. The priority boarding. First class might be way over priced these days but the perks in my opinion can be a welcomed treat for many.

There was something I noticed when I was on the flights that I found very interesting….

I glanced around first class and saw men and women, nose deep into either a book or the newspaper.

first class flight


Out of the 10 or so passengers in first class every single one was reading.

I then turned around and glanced into the economy section…Now obviously I didn’t walk up and down and peak into everyone’s seat but from where I was sitting, the majority of people had their earphones on and watching a movie on the in-flight entertainment system.

Once again….Interesting.

It got me thinking, here’s a 3 hour flight from the west to the east and there was a huge difference in what the passengers decided to spend their free time doing.

Sounds like something we talk about a lot here at Plus 1…What are you CHOOSING to do with your time?

Watching a movie? Re-runs of Seinfeld?

Or learning and growing yourself?

Personally, I would rather watch what other successful people are doing and it’s pretty obvious that the passengers in first class could not only afford to be up there, but maybe, just maybe, they could afford that luxury because of what they chose to do with their spare time…

Makes you wonder what else we could change in our own lives today to become better than we were the day before…

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  1. Many may not like what I am saying but I found Jon’s piece to be provocative.
    First family time is very important not just with the kid’s but also with a life partner,
    and very happy he was able to upgrade his experience by traveling first class and
    treating himself and his wife to a little bit of the finer things in life and we all know
    that they come at a cost, which he could afford or he could stretch himself (financially)
    a little for this accommodation in life. However to assume that by looking around
    and seeing that all first class were reading and thereby assuming that all were
    successful is wrong. We all should remember just what assuming can do to us!!!!!! and me!!!

    I have met many folks in my life and found that you can never judge a book by it’s cover
    I have known people that had everything one day and nothing the next, I have met
    people at carnivals and they have played the games and they have fine clothes and
    little money and most surprising of all people that appeared to have nothing to
    make them stand out and dressed in overalls with holes as big as a book but when
    the game was over they had what they wanted and I surprisingly had become $9,000
    richer and a heck of a lot wiser to never think again that some commoner in economy
    class would never have enough cash or class to teach me a lesson….

    1. Oh I guarantee that’s not the ‘rule’ of flying.

      It was just an observation I had.

      And I’ve talked about it a lot too elsewhere in my life, where I see people more concerned about the latest facebook gossip or TV drama rather than focusing on personal growth and building themselves up.

      Just an observation, not the be all and end all 🙂 Appreciate the comments sir.

  2. That’s very interesting observation Jon. I’m glad you had a good time.
    Yes how we spend our spare time will make a difference in our lives. No offense to you TV lovers, but my grandfather on my Mom’s side said the TV would turn peoples minds to mush. And he has a point there. It can do that to some that over do it. Everything in moderation right.

    My Mom’s father immigrated from Norway and he was an electrician and her mom immigrated from Italy but was born in Germany. Back then the TV was just invented.

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