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The First Plus 1 Daily Town Hall Meeting [VIDEO]

We did something a little different today and I really hope you enjoy it…It was our first town hall discussion!

Today we opened up the Zoom meeting room and had an awesome discussion about engaging through advertising. This was a lot of fun and I know I learned a ton but more importantly, it got some awesome attendees on camera!

I hope to do more of these open town hall sessions in the future because I truly believe…The community is what is important, not my loud mouth talking every few days 🙂

Sit back, relax and enjoy the first Plus 1 Daily Town Hall meeting…

4 thoughts to “The First Plus 1 Daily Town Hall Meeting [VIDEO]”

  1. I enjoyed today’s town hall meeting even though there was no mention of purple cows, unicorns or DUSAPS, maybe that could be something to discuss another time as a refresher for veterans and a bit of guidance for newbies?

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