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Focal Point by Brian Tracy [Book Review]

If you have read this blog and followed along with my book reviews you will start seeing a pattern…

I love reading John C. Maxwell and Brian Tracy books…

focal point brian tracy

I mean, I have two shelves in my home library dedicated to each author….

They are what I would like to call my ‘safety valves‘. If I ever get stuck, need to be inspired or are looking for a great book to read…These are my go to guys!

So much so that I actually have about half a dozen Brian Tracy and John C. Maxwell books sitting on my to-be-read shelf, waiting for yours truly to need some inspiration…

I need some ‘inspiration’ last week, and I dove into Brian Tracy’s Focal Point!

I’ve had this book on my shelf for a while now but decided it was time to dive in and wow, what an adventure it was.

There is something about the way Brian writes. Sure he jam packs his books with great advice and strategies for personal growth and development. However he also gets you fired up!

It’s hard to explain but when you are finished a chapter in Focal Point for example, I had to not only write down everything I learned into my journal, but needed to ACT on what I had just taken in…

That’s why I enjoy these authors so much. It’s not just 250 pages of information. It’s the steps to put the information into practice that makes it such an enjoyable read.

The best part of Focal Point was Brian’s 7 step personal strategy plan. He breaks down each step and shows you how to take action today to improve every aspect of your life…

From your business and career to your family and personal life. Money and investments to health and fitness. Personal growth and development right into social / community activities…And finally, the cherry on top, how to improve your spiritual development and inner peace.

That last part was the icing on the cake for me! It left me with some fantastic techniques on how to develop in that area of my life. I appreciated it very much.

Focal Point was a blast to read. And like all Brian Tracy books, this one was impossible to put down. It fires you up and makes you want to not only change your life for the better, but help and lead everyone else around you as well!

6 thoughts to “Focal Point by Brian Tracy [Book Review]”

  1. When you can get Spiritual development, Personal development and Business development all in the same ball of wax It is certainly worth the time spent reading it.

  2. Jon has a winner in the October book giveaway! And in more ways than one, as the information in the book may inspire new outlooks that improve not only business, but life. Tracy is a great writer.

    As always, good stuff happening at Plus1. 🙂

    1. I make sure to give away a book a month. Just a small gesture and hopefully it gets people excited to read and learn every day 🙂

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