Focused On The Build!

Over the past few months my focus has been on building the @ClickTrackProfit re-launch.

From the membership site complete with detailed affiliate marketing training…To the release of the condenser along with our two tokens – CTP and the CTPM

It’s been a whirlwind….

A funny thing happened this past week that I wasn’t even aware of until someone pointed it out to me in our Discord server…

Steem had hit the lowest price I had ever experienced since joining in December of 2019…Under 20 cents!

The horror!

What was I going to do?

All this effort into a blockchain project that was surely failing…..

My reaction was as you expect it would be….I took the news in and with every ounce of my being let out a huge….


Yeah, I didn’t really care what the price was and it was pretty much the furthest thing from my mind…And you wanna know why?

Cause since day one…In December 2017…My entire focus was this…

Build on STEEM. Grow on STEEM. Accumulate STEEM. Use STEEM.

Not once, was price a factor in my decision to be involved in this project….

Because when I joined..I ‘saw’ the future of what is being realized right now.

I’m re-building my 10 year old affiliate marketing business and incorporating the blockchain into it. So my members can experience the power and potential of everything that STEEM offers.

The marriage! The union…

ClickTrackProfit walking down the aisle with STEEM.

O.K. now I’m getting silly…

However this is the truth. I’m focused on building here and my game plan was never to stop in August of 2019…It was a 3-5 year game plan. It was a commitment I made to myself and my family, that I would put my all into this project. So that I could see what would happen when the blockchain meets affiliate marketing.

And so far, it’s been awesome!

I’ve had numerous Steemians become extremely curious about CTP and have joined to take part in the training. On the flip side, I’ve had dozens upon dozens of CTP members, get their first taste of the blockchain and cryptocurrency!

It’s been an absolute blast to build and I know this sounds sooooooooo much like a sales pitch but…This is only phase 1 of our plans 🙂

Thank you STEEM, for embracing my little project. And I know marketers aren’t the most ‘loved’ people in blockchain circles…but we’re eager to learn. And looking forward to meeting the challenges head on.

Let’s see what we can create and build together!



The Union Is Here!

Blockchain meets Affiliate Marketing….

=> CTP Condenser –

=> CTP Token on Steem-Engine –

=> CTP Miner on Steem-Engine –

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