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Lots of things fly under my radar when it comes to Steem…

I admit as much as I like to keep my finger on the pulse of this place, things do go way over my head.

But not today….

Not sure if people understand the amount of amazing people we have on this blockchain, and when they show up and start posting, I feel like it’s our duty to highlight them as we get ready for #NewSteem

I highly recommend you follow this account….


And why would on earth would I do so?

That’s Joel Comm.

Joel’s a pretty awesome guy.

I met him like 15 years ago when I started getting into the affiliate marketing stuff and have been following him since.

He is a best selling author, entrepreneur and one of the bigger thought leaders when it comes to social media..


He co-hosts this little podcast you may have heard of…

The Bad Crypto Podcast

He joined Steem a long time ago…And threw up a post today on Appics which means…

One of the biggest thought leaders in social media AND crypto is poking around on Steem again.

I’m not the smartest man….Kinda dumb at quite a few things…

But when it comes to marketing I know this…

Dudes like Joel…Are people we WANT on Steem!

Especially #NewSteem

A quick post today, but maybe one of the more important ‘marketing posts’ I’ve done in a while…

This is who we want on the blockchain…



The Union Is Here!

Blockchain meets Affiliate Marketing….

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