Follow Up With My Followers – Why Do I Love STEEM So Much?

So the ‘Hardest Contest On STEEM‘ is over and what a huge success it was! I gained almost 100 new followers, engaged with hundreds of people over the past week and got to have a ton of fun in the process…

I was planning on going over the stats of the contest and show how anyone can step up on STEEM and attract positive attention…But then this happened…


This is a comment I received from a new follower of mine (via the contest) and I think highlights why I love STEEM so much.

First up, it’s a great question so thank you @gtelefon for it. This is why I’m a big believer in STEEM…You question showcases why it’s so important to build the relationships with other Steemians and what happens when you do so.

I got a great question out of the engagement I did over the past week and allowed me to create this entire blog post from it 🙂

Do you see why it’s so important to engage with others? Respond to others? Upvote awesome comments?

You get fantastic feedback and opportunities to engage with your fellow Steemians.


Right there!

That’s why I’m such a huge believer in STEEM.

Look, the Dapps are fantastic! I’m in love with @dlive @dtube @steempress @partiko @steemmonsters @battlegauntlet and the list can go on and on…They will help people interact with the blockchain better than anything out there right now. The technology behind STEEM is great, from the speed of transactions to everything in between…It’s great!

But it’s the people that make this place so amazing!

I saw this on Twitter recently and had to laugh;

On STEEM we have people that actually USE this stuff. We engage with each other using the Dapps. And create amazing experiences for everyone on the blockchain…

STEEM is such a fantastic example of what happens when you put USEFUL products and services in front of a community that supports it. Is it perfect? Absolutely not but it’s better than anything I’ve seen out there….

And it all comes back to the people. I chose to invest my time, energy and money on this blockchain project because of what I’ve seen since I’ve gotten here…People helping people!

Maybe it’s a warm and fuzzy place to be because we get rewarded for being warm and fuzzy?

Hey, I’ve seen the other option…And this is what we’re left with (remember this when you hate on the trending page on Steemit lol)

twitter trending

I’m coming up to my 10th month on STEEM and here is what I have learned works for building a growing presence here…

Invest in PEOPLE!


STEEM allows you to do so…

And when you do that, everything else will fall in place.

So once again @gtelefon asked me what are the reasons I’m such a strong believer in STEEM?

It’s simple…

The good. The bad. And the ugly…That makes the human experience here on STEEM such an adventure.

We’re aren’t perfect, just like STEEM isn’t perfect…But when we remember that people make all this ‘social stuff’ click…And focus on building the long term relationships with our followers and fellow Steemians…

We all win!


I’m going to start a feature every Wednesday on my blog…It’s going to be called ‘Follow Up With My Followers‘. Throughout the week, I’ll be on the look out for a question or comment that inspires a post that I’ll write today…

If your comment, suggestion or feedback is chosen, I’ll sponsor you into @steembasicincome

It’s a fantastic program and initiative where you can get upvotes for life! Be sure to read more about SBI by clicking the banner above and following them! I believe this is what STEEM can become, a social media platform where EVERYONE wins!



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