A Fool Proof Method To Love & Look Forward To Mondays

I love Mondays! I’ve been raving about my favorite day of the work week for years now and one of the main reasons I love this day so much is because it’s a clean slate!

I get to wipe my white board off, and start to plan a week of networking, creating and delivering value to my customers and networks. It’s 5 days work on creating not only my future but helping others around me.

Mondays truly are a blessing!

However, one trip to Facebook on a Monday morning and you’ll see and hear things like this:




And that’s just the start….

Any given Monday morning, go to any social media site and look at everyone that HATES this day.


It’s not the day they hate, it’s what they do for a living.

Plain and simple, Mondays are a blessing if you love what you do and you look forward to them more than any other day of the work week.

Here’s a huge tip that helped me LOVE Mondays and get fired up for the day;

Create A Gratitude List For Your Job

This may seem trivial, but if you start each day writing down 3 things that you are truly grateful for when it comes to your job, you’ll grow that into a list of 10 or 20 reasons in no time. Simple things like;

– My co-workers are fantastic people
– My salary (which can always be improved upon of course lol)
– The opportunity to impact people
– My company and it’s social impact towards others
– A daily opportunity to grow professionally

Come up with your own list and watch how many things you truly have to be grateful for!

And if you absolutely HATE what you do for a living, I’m not going to give you crazy advice like ‘quit your job’ but ask yourself this…

What do I love to do? And how can I implement that into my daily tasks at work or my career?

Create the perfect job by not only being grateful for what you do HAVE, but also what you can create from the opportunities around you.

22 thoughts to “A Fool Proof Method To Love & Look Forward To Mondays”

  1. I also like Mondays….most of the time…must be because I enjoy my work. However, I do enjoy the Monday morning memes on social media too.

  2. This is a great way to re-think Mondays! You are correct in the premise that so many people hate Monday’s because they don’t like what they do. Thanks for a post with some great ideas .

  3. Yep when you work for “the man” especially monday through friday you learn to hate it.

    While I can’t afford to quit my day job yet, and I stress yet working on getting there I see everyday as a chance to get there. Since motivated again I’m getting up earlier, using free time like never before.

    Thanks for the motivations Jon, and of course will share.

  4. I stopped hating Mondays when I quite my job…lol. However, you do bring up a good point. Not working outside of the home, days tend to blend into each other and you don`t differentiate one from the other. Taking Mondays (or any other day, if it suits you) as a fresh start once a week can give you a better perspective on where you`ve been and where you`re heading, goal wise. Thanks for the post. 🙂

  5. This reminds me of the adage, “Your attitude determines your altitude.” I believe that this is a principle that many millionaires (and billionaires) have figured out. Their perspective on the things that the average mind would complain about is what’s differentiating them. I doubt that the man or woman at the top of any Fortune 500 company is dreading a Monday…or ANY day, for that matter.

    Their perspective is quite different. Especially in the sense that they have a bird’s eye view of their (complaining) employees. Aside from all this, biblically, one is instructed to give thanks in ALL circumstances. Also, I have found that whatever you complain about (dreadful Mondays) is what you get more of.

    1. Oh completely agree. I mean things are going to suck. Stuff isn’t always going to work out…But it’s your attitude in handling those situations that ultimately determines your success…Monday through Friday lol

  6. Hi, Jon, I’m glad you posted this again. It’s really a great read and inspiring. I feel the Christmas let down and that’s always been tough for me. Thanks for the inspiration again! This kind of thing doesn’t get old.

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