For Those Days When Everything Goes Wrong

Going wrong

Sometimes, even with the best will in the world, things just don’t work out as we had originally planned.

There may be a family emergency to deal with, a medical problem which needs our immediate attention or something more mundane like a computer which keeps crashing on us.

In fact we have days when it seems that everything just goes wrong.

If we are writing or designing then these are the days when the ideas just don’t come and we can stare at a blank screen for hours.

Or we hate the work we have done and end up just deleting it and starting over…sometimes multiple times.These are the days when it seems that everything against us and it is almost impossible to Plus 1 at all.

They happen and we have to accept them.

The trick here is to understand that we will have days like this and to be flexible with our tasks. If the task we had set ourselves is not working then it might be wise to abandon it for the day and do something else instead.

Even on bad days there might be some things we can achieve, even if they were not the things we originally set out to do.

But life can get in the way of even the best laid plans and from time to time we won’t get anything done at all.

The very worst thing we could do here is to get too stressed over this setback to the extent that it decreases our performance in the days or weeks ahead.

The Plus 1 mindset is one where we always seek to move forward and if we fall a little behind one day then we simply have to work a little bit harder the next.

Simply accepting that we will have good days and bad days as we work towards making our lives better will help us get to where we want to go.

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