Why The Future Of Marketing Is To Focus On People & Relationships

People love to think that they can predict the future! Whether it’s the stock market, some new social media trend or marketing practices…We love to think that we know what the future holds. It’s kinda of egotistical if you ask me because all of these industries are made up by the most irrational group of creatures on planet earth…Human beings.

You see, we are driven by emotion, not always logic so when you think someone is going that way, they do a 180 and go the opposite way. It happens in all industries but even more so online. In the almost 2 decades of being online I’ve seen trends come and go, programs show up and disappear and the ‘END AS WE KNOW IT‘ be talked about every few years…

Yeah I’m not smart enough to even claim to know what the future holds for marketing and advertising, but I do know this…It’s filled with people!

And people, like, other people. Not always but you get what I’m trying to say 🙂

The old statement that ‘All things being equal people do business with those they know, like and trust. And all things not being equal, they still do business with those they know, like and trust’ holds so much weight today!

So if we know that the future is blurry but it’s going to be ‘filled with people’, then it’s in our best interest to understand how to become not only a better person but be in the shoes of our customers and clients.

To me, the future means that we need to worry more about people and less about profit. That doesn’t mean we need to stop doing business or try to make a living online. What I’m saying is that when we worry more about adding value to others and seeing how we can help people THROUGH our products and services, we grow our businesses almost organically.

It’s the by-product of being a good person. Of making sure we build the lines of communication with our customers so that they benefit from their time with us.

It’s natural really. And it’s the right thing to do.

Hey people are…Unique. And if we can do our best to tailor make the customer experience to each individual, that translates into better relationships, longer business relationships and more profits for everyone.

It may not be fortune telling 101, but it’s a good strategy to always remember….Put people, before profits!

6 thoughts to “Why The Future Of Marketing Is To Focus On People & Relationships”

    1. Absolutely, and I think we worry so much about turning a profit, we forget that the people are what drives it. So the goal really should be, to focus on the people and the relationships first!

      1. Jon,

        Have you considered establishing a 24 hour social / crisis / outreach
        service for your site with qualified staff that has a social degree to
        deal with peoples issues.

  1. 😎 👌 You have always preached (people before products) and for good reason, I love how this post fluently conveys that message and importance of good customer focus and service.

    1. Thanks man. Yeah, easy to say but not always easy to do. Life happens, drama, stress, trolls…But as long as you are putting people first, good things always happen.

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